How to give money for a wedding

Gifts for newlyweds have a special place in the organization of a wedding celebration. Today, the range of wedding offerings is extremely wide - dishes, linens and beautiful bedspreads, various household appliances.

However, the "palm of superiority" firmly hold the money gifts for the wedding, since the universality of such a present is obvious - you can buy the same TV set or pots for donated bills (which is more necessary for the young). How to give money for a wedding?


It is clear that a gift box with a TV or microwave looks much more impressive than a modest envelope with money. And often such a gift is simply lost in the mass of such envelopes, especially if it is not signed by the donor. Today we will learn how to make such a “boring” act as donating money for a wedding an original and unforgettable event.

How to originally donate money for a wedding

Money Tree

It is known that the money tree is a symbol of wealth in the house,and its rounded sheets are shaped like coins. Attach to each piece of paper coins or folded bills (preferably green) and present them to the young ones. Such a monetary gift for a wedding is unlikely to go unnoticed! As a “package” for wedding money, you can use a head of cabbage, between the sheets of which we hide rolled-up bills.

Crystal vase

This is a “2 in 1” gift - both money and a valuable thing. The inner surface of the vase is covered with bills, which we fix with foil and tape. Then fill the vase with candy and - the gift is ready. When the newlyweds empty the vase, they will see the money "surprise" under the sweets.


Original money for the wedding can be placed by placing coins (rubles, cents, euros, bank jubilee) in a "pirate" chest. Together with the real money in the box we place chocolate "coins" wrapped in shiny foil.

Box of candies

In a beautiful box from under the candies we put the folded money bills, preliminarily having combined them with a "square". Coins are laid out on colored paper wrappers. For greater effect, it is better to pack money of different currencies.


Jar of cucumbers

We take a glass jar, in which instead of cucumbers we put money.For convenience, the banknotes are rolled up and tightly placed our "cucumbers" in the container. Well in the form of such conservation green dollars look. Such a cash gift for the wedding can be accompanied by the words: "And these cucumbers - that the head does not hurt in the morning!".

Pillow with money

Sometimes young people are given pillows for a wedding - a necessary and useful thing in the household. And you give a pillow - not just a simple one, but a monetary one. For this, a small decorative pillow (with a zipper) is “stuffed” with banknotes. During the giving, we warn the young about a surprise and wish you good dreams on this soft pillow.

Wedding poems for money gifts

Presentation of a cash gift is better to accompany fun poems. To do this, you should prepare in advance the quatrain, which will be an original addition to your "universal" gift. Our selection of poems about the money for the wedding will surely cause positive emotions among the newlyweds and guests.

Young spouses are hard to please
We want to donate money on our wedding day!
Choose everything you want
What is necessary, like and fashionable!


There is a marriage certificate
It has the seal of the native registry office.
Giving you, newlyweds,
Congratulations and bucks!


For such a beautiful couple
Raise a glass now!
To start a family life
Giving starting capital!


Giving money to young!
Here you have copper money
So that you are not poor!
Here's your silver
To be good to you!
Here you have paper money
So that you go important!

Envelope for the money for the wedding - do it yourself

Long gone are the times when money for a wedding was given in simple postal envelopes. Make an original envelope for the wedding and your money gift certainly will not get lost among other gifts.

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