How to glue ceilings

You will need
  • - ground
  • - glue
  • - wallpaper
  • - roller for glue
  • - capacity for glue
  • - paint knife
  • - putty knife
When the ceiling is blurred and trimmed, all flaws are visible. If there are large differences between the plates, then seal them with a solution of plaster, and then putty. After that, prime the entire ceiling with a deep penetration primer. Everything is ready for pasting the ceiling.
Stick the wallpaper in the direction of the window, so you will not see the joints of the seams between the canvases. And if you stick wallpaper along the window, then be prepared for the fact that the seams after painting the ceiling will be noticeable.
Measure 100 cm from the wall and put a dot on the ceiling, do the same with the other edge of the wall. Roll the cord in a dry blue, shake off excess, stretch it tightly between two points. Then pull the cord to the bottom and immediately release it. On the ceiling, a label is formed, on which you will glue the first canvas. Since the width of the structural wallpaper 106 cm, then 6 cm will go for you to fit the canvas.
Structural wallpaper glue dry, spread with glue only the ceiling. Do not make the glue too liquid, dilute as written on the box.
Dip the roller in a container with glue and apply an even layer on the ceiling to the line that you marked with a cord. The ceiling should be smeared with glue thoroughly. Pressing the canvas to the ceiling, and stretching along the label, your assistant helps you to hold the wallpaper. Smooth the canvas should be from the middle to the edges with a brush. Glue the second sheet back to the first. Here, be careful and try not to stitch one over the other. All subsequent canvas glue as well.
After the wallpaper on the ceiling is glued, take a wide spatula, attach it to the junction of the wall and ceiling and cut off the excess. Since the wallpaper is glued dry, you can easily cut them with a paint knife.

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