How to grow a beard at home

Beard - a symbol of masculinity and power. Many men want to learn how to grow a beard at home and what to do if the beard is not growing. It is not surprising, because the image of a man thanks to his beard looks more brutal, courageous and individual.

Many people want to decorate the look of this decoration and try to accelerate the growth of the beard. At the same time, those in the know consider the question of speed-growing a beard wrong, because such an approach is fraught with regress. They do not recommend to rush nature, but only to stimulate through folk and pharmaceutical means.

To appear on the face of a luxurious beard, you will need to wait a bit. Let's talk about the proper growth of facial hair.

Why not grow a beard

Photo of a teenager with a rare beard

Many have the desire to have a thick beautiful beard, but not every man will boast of thick facial hair. The answer to the question of why the beard is not growing, interests not only young people, but also some mature men.Consider the main causes of this "anomaly".

  • Genetics. If there are no men in the family with a thick beard, the probability that it will appear in the younger generation is minimal.
  • Age. The moment of appearance of facial hair for each man is individual. In one person, active stubble growth begins at 15, and in another, after 20. This is a natural phenomenon.
  • Endocrine disorders. Testosterone is responsible for the growth of facial hair. Often, modest vegetation signals disturbances in the endocrine system.
  • Ethnicity. The presence of facial hair for men of a number of ethnic groups is not typical. These are Eskimos and Chukchi.
  • Oncological diseases, vitamin deficiency. Health problems often lead to hair loss, slowing or completely stopping the growth of bristles.

Some reasons cannot be eliminated. It is about nationality, heredity and age. But even in this case, you can gain a beard through hormonal preparations or hair transplant surgery. Some men rescues traditional medicine. If the problem is caused by a disease, its solution comes down to treatment.

What if the beard does not grow

Rare beard in men

Age of men with a smooth face behind. Today, the representatives of the stronger sex prefer a slightly rough and bold image, an integral element of which is considered a beard. If you decide to join the bearded league, you will need lush and well-groomed facial hair. About how to solve the problem at home will be discussed in this part of the material.

  • Food. A balanced diet is considered the most easily accessible and uncomplicated way. Eat more fruits and vegetables. They will provide the body with vitamin "C" and pectin. Useful and protein food, supplemented by a plentiful drink. Minimize the use of sweets and convenience foods.
  • Proper skin care. The speed of growth and the thickness of the hair on the face depends on the condition of the skin. For example, redness or flaking slows the appearance of bristles. Regularly moisturize the skin and nourish with vitamins. Visit the cosmetologist or make your own face masks. Growth of a beard will accelerate also regular processing of a skin by a ferry. Often go to the sauna.
  • Life without stress. Stressful situations inhibit the growth of facial hair, make it fragile and brittle.Strengthen the spirit of sports and respiratory gymnastics. Strong sleep will help to cope with stress. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. This is enough for the body to relax and recover.
  • Hormonal balance. A common cause of the lack of stubble on the face is the lack of testosterone. Only a doctor can solve hormonal problems. In the home, it is really insignificant to raise the level of the hormone. This will help sports and high sexual activity.
  • Combating bad habits. The fact that the effects of nicotine and alcohol on the body is negative, there is no arguing. Nicotine does not affect the hair follicles, however, it impairs the functioning of the circulatory system, which has a bad effect on the nutrition of the hair follicles. At the same time, alcohol lowers the regeneration of hair and contributes to their loss. If you dream of a beautiful beard, quit drinking and give up cigarettes.

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As you can see, the solution of the problem is reduced to a healthy lifestyle in a sheltered from stress and depression environment. Additionally, this approach provides a complete recovery of the body.

How to grow a beard to a teenager and an adult man

Thick beard in a man

The first acquaintance of guys with facial hair occurs at the age of 14-16 years. Hair grows unevenly, and attempts to get a beautiful beard often end in failure. All the fault is not the wrong care or genetic abnormalities, but a young age.

Doctors claim that the preparation of the male body for this decoration is fully completed by the age of 20 after the end of the transition period. By this time, the level of hormones that affect vegetation growth has stabilized.

Even if by virtue of heredity, hair on visible parts of the body grows actively, I do not recommend growing a beard or mustache at the age of 15 years. You must admit that the child’s appearance does not fit well with the thick facial hair, and the image is more like a caricature than a real man. Therefore, before you accelerate the growth of the beard, think. I advise you to wait for full maturation.

As for mature men, everything is different here and the lack of facial hair often becomes a problem. I recommend them to study the material in which the technique of growing a beard is described by means of folk and pharmaceutical means at home.

Folk remedies

In humans, the hair follicle system works differently. Lack of hormones often leads to impaired growth of hair on the head and face. Fortunately, there are folk remedies that stimulate hair growth. Consider time-tested options involving the use of oils and natural ingredients.

  1. Burr oil. It improves hair growth, stimulates blood circulation and positively affects the color of the face. Apply the oil to your face, wait 15 minutes and rinse with soap. Use burdock oil three times a week.
  2. Castor oil. It nourishes hair follicles with keratin, which accelerates hair growth. To enhance the effect it is recommended to combine with burdock oil. Apply daily.
  3. Tar soap. Many useful properties that promote the growth of the beard, and the main advantage - low cost. The disadvantage is an unpleasant smell. Tar soap is also recommended for skin treatment for frostbite and insect bites.
  4. Mask on cognac. The tool, consisting of natural components, accelerates the growth of the beard in the problem area and significantly improves the condition of the bristles.To make a spoonful of thistle oil, mix with five drops of tocopherol and a small spoonful of brandy.
  5. Mustard mask. As in the case of the previous version of the mask, is prepared from natural ingredients. Mix honey, kefir and mustard powder in equal quantities and apply on face.

Vitamin complexes paired with folk remedies provide an amazing result, but only if there is no stress. I have already said that stress has a negative effect on human health and contributes to slower hair growth and hair loss.

Medical supplies

Representatives of the stronger sex are trying in every possible way to grow dense vegetation on their faces. It is not surprising, because the mustache, along with a luxurious beard are present in the list of the best natural jewelry. And if some men have no problems with beard growth, others stimulate the growth of vegetation with the help of medical devices. What does medicine offer?

  1. Finasteride. A remedy produced in pills stimulates hair growth on the head, but some men use it to solve a problem with a rare beard. The drug is considered one of the best, because it increases the level of testosterone, which is responsible for the density of the bristles. A prescription medicine is on sale.It is taken once a day at the time prescribed by the doctor.
  2. Minoxidil. Another popular medicine used by men. Available in oral and external form. The drug has a positive effect on blood circulation in the hair follicles. By the principle of action is similar to the male hormones androgens. Use it as an external agent or take inside.
  3. Hormone therapy. No less effective than the considered drugs. Testosterone injections help solve many male problems. Hormone therapy is prescribed by a doctor only after a preliminary examination and testing.

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If you plan to accelerate the growth of a beard through pharmacy drugs, before using, consult a doctor. He will select the best medicine and determine the dosage.Perhaps the doctor will find a solution to the problem without the use of medicines, which is only on the hand of health.

How to speed up beard growth with Minoxidil

Beautiful and thick beard

Men who dream of a thick and uniform bristle, I recommend to look at the drug Minoxidil. Regular use will help get a gorgeous beard.

At first, Minoxidil was used to combat baldness. Later began to use to enhance the growth of bristles on the face. The result was excellent. Minoxidil is considered the most effective means, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of men who have tried the drug in practice.

The effect of using Minoxidil appears after 4 months with daily use. If you do not follow the instructions, the result appears later.

The drug provides a vasodilating effect, as a result, in the subcutaneous layers improves blood circulation, which improves the nutrition of the hair follicles. Prolonged use triggers the hair development process. As a result, the beard grows more intense.

Instructions for use and contraindications

Minoxidil is designed to combat baldness, but it also works great to speed up beard growth. Sold in the form of tablets or solution with different concentrations of the active substance.

The drug in tablets is used in the treatment of hypertension. Duration of treatment and dosage is determined by the doctor. As for the solution, it is applied externally twice a day in the morning and evening.The tool is applied to the problem area, gently rubbing the tip of the dispenser. Washing is allowed after complete drying of the solution. The duration of treatment depends on the effectiveness of action and individual tolerance.

Often, at the point of rubbing the drug, irritation or redness of the skin appears. In this case, the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment. If there are side effects, including swelling of limbs, dizziness, pressure reduction, a rapid increase in body weight, stop taking.

According to reviews, a 5% drug is more effective than a 2% analogue, but an increased concentration of the active substance in Minoxidil increases the likelihood of side effects. More concentrated solutions are also sold, in which up to 15% of the volume falls to the proportion of the active substance.

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Analogs of Minoxidil

Pharmacology offers other drugs that are similar in composition and principle of action to Minoxidil. Nobody has done much research on their use. Therefore, there is no information on direct action and side effects. Consider analogues.

  • Amineksil. The chemical composition of L’Oreal is strongly reminiscent of Minoxidil, but is characterized by a less pronounced stimulating property. Apply for mild alopecia.
  • Nanoxydil. The creator and owner of the patent is the American firm DS Laboratories. Used to combat baldness, if the patient is intolerant to Minoxidil.
  • Minoxidin. By the principle of action and composition, it practically does not differ from Minoxidil. In other countries, they are issued under different names. In Ukraine it is MinoX, and in Italy it is Revivexil.

And this is an incomplete list of analogues. A large number of drugs, choose the appropriate problematic. It will be better if you contact a doctor. After conducting a survey and survey, he will diagnose and determine the best course of treatment that will ensure quick results.

Patient Reviews

After examining a large number of reviews, I found out that many people managed to partially or completely solve the problem of facial vegetation growth using Minoxidil. According to them, on condition of daily use, the results appeared after 4 months. However, when discontinuation is taken, almost everyone experiences regression.

Negative reviews too much. Perhaps this is the trick of competitors. But I do not exclude that Minoxidil really did not help some people. To get the result, it takes time and strict adherence to the instructions.

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