How to grow yellow pods

Yellow capsule - herbaceous plant belonging to the order of lily pads. It grows in various reservoirs, but certainly in clean water. The yellow capsule itself, in fact, is a sanitary order of water bodies, the water never blooms in its habitat, and the blue-green algae do not reproduce.
Yellow pods are very loved by gardeners who have a reservoir in the garden. The jug is successfully used for landscaping ponds, especially shaded ones. Wide, floating on the surface of the water leaves and bright yellow flowers are very decorative and adorn the pond.
Oatcap is a perennial plant with a very developed rhizome and long, thin roots. Propagated or self-sown seeds, or rhizome. Buds bloom from May to September.

Preparation of seedlings for the reservoir

In order to plant a yellow pod in the pond, during the flowering period, a piece of rhizome with a growth bud is planted and planted in a container, on the bottom of which a layer of soil is poured. The soil is prepared from a mixture of clay and coarse sand.A layer of water is poured on it for at least one centimeter and a piece of rhizome is placed. So that the root does not pop up, it is pressed with a small load. As soon as the plant takes root, it is placed in a pond together with a container. Container buried cargo.

Kubyshka as indoor flower

One type of yellow capsule can be grown in a pot, like a room flower. To do this, take a piece of rhizome and put in a pot with a clay-sand mixture. The soil should be covered with a layer of water. The pot is placed on a bright place, and in the summer, if possible, carried to the air. Within a fortnight, an ornamental plant will grow with medium-sized yellow flowers.

Kubyshka for aquarium

There is a kind of yellow capsule, which is bred for landscaping aquariums.
In the aquarium breed the type of egg capsules, which develops only with full immersion in water. This subspecies has translucent greenish leaves and filiform roots. As the capsule grows, some leaves may float to the surface of the aquarium water. They need to be cut and removed. A strongly branched rhizome is also pruned.
For planting at the bottom of the bowl pour a layer of clean river sand with a height of not less than 7 cm and place a piece of rhizome, which is pressed with a decorative weight.
Please note that this view does not require bright lighting, but the water in the aquarium should be changed every 10 days. All varieties of yellow capsule are very decorative, although they do not differ in pomp and beauty from a water lily.

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