How to increase computer performance?

The limit of your patience has come. Tedious waiting, when the computer deigns to open a folder or download the desired page on the Internet, rather tired. Your annoyance can be understood. But find the strength to read our article, we will tell you how to increase computer performance on your own. Several ways that allow you to work quickly and save more nerve cells. We read.

Computer performance: ways to improve

The performance of your computer can be affected by a variety of factors, from the most insignificant (at first glance) to solid. Let's talk about how to increase the speed of work or how to increase computer performance. Хр, windows 7, vista - any operating system can have difficulties.

Desktop cleaning

Perhaps you have not even thought about what lies on your desktop (it is, of course, about the desktop of your computer). Different labels that have not been used for a long time, and even used ones are a jumble. But this also affects the performance of the computer.

So the first step is to remove all unnecessary programs, files, folders, etc. things that you do not use. For a photo or audio file, create a separate daddy on your disk and store everything there. The ideal desktop contains two or three most essential labels (a basket among them). This cleaning greatly optimizes the performance of Windows.

Work with autoload

Sometimes the system is configured so that when it starts, it automatically downloads various programs. For example, Skype starts (anything). So you have to sit and wait until everything is loaded. Although this is all you can now do not need. And in general, if necessary, everything can be included independently. That is our task to remove these programs from startup.

  1. Click Start - Run.
  2. In the line we write "msconfig" and click OK.
  3. Before us is the window "System Configuration". We are looking for a tab on top of it - "Startup".
  4. We are reviewing the list of programs that start automatically for you - there will be ticks next to them. Remove those that are not needed. Click "apply" and "ok".

Disable unnecessary services

We do not close the "System Configuration" window (see above). There is a tab "Services".View their "state", where it is marked "stopped", you can uncheck the checkbox and "apply".

In order to follow the result, open, for example, a video, turn on the music, start Skype, etc. You will see that these Services will have a status of "Running."

Defragment the hard drive

Files on the hard disk are fragmented. File changes are saved in other sectors of the hard disk. As a result, it turns out that in order to read the information, it is necessary to go to different places of the hard disk, and that is to reduce the speed of the computer. Need defragmentation. How to hold it manually.

  1. Go back to Start and look for the "Control Panel".
  2. Next "Administration" - "Computer Management" - "Disk Defragmenter".
  3. Next, select the desired disk (click on it) and press "Defragmentation".

You can do the same operation a little different way.

  1. In the "My Computer" folder, click on one of the disks (which you are going to defragment) with the right (!) Button of the mouse. Select "Properties."
  2. In the window that appears, go to the tab "Service" and find the section "Disk Defragmenter".
  3. There we click "Run defragmentation ..." and in the window - "Defragmentation".

In the process of defragmenting the disk is better not to use a computer.

Driver update

Significantly increase the performance of your computer may be newer, more recent driver versions.

Find the latest software for your video card, motherboard and other components on the Internet.

Such a study may allow to increase the speed of the computer by 15%.

Expansion Boards

The PCI Express expansion card will add USB 3.0 support. This will increase the performance of devices with USB 2.0 and will be useful even if you plan to use only the previous version.

Physical cleaning

How to increase computer performance yet? Just clean it, carefully remove all the dust accumulated in the system unit (for this you need to remove the side covers). Dust is a good insulator. Even such a simple operation will increase the bandwidth of your computer. Use a vacuum cleaner and paint brushes (to dust in hard-to-reach places).

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