How to increase the natural length of your hair

Currently, artificial hair extensions are very popular with the weaker sex. In this way, you can not only create curls of desired length, but also make them thicker and more beautiful. For a natural look of a head of hair experienced masters use natural hair.
To improve hair growth can be applied and folk recipes. One of the most effective means here is considered to be an infusion of plantain herbs, sage, nettle, oregano and chamomile. Mix equal parts of the components, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for an hour. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the scalp.
Finely chop the burdock root and mix it with the hop cones and calendula flowers. Fill the cooked mass with boiled water and keep on the fire for about an hour. Use filtered solution every time you wash your hair.
Actively to enhance hair growth applied onions. Grate it and mix with honey in the ratio 4: 1. Apply the product to the hair roots and leave for half an hour, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Not less effective for hair growth is a mixture of oak bark and onion peels. Fill equal proportions with one liter of boiled water and cook on the fire for one hour.
A mixture consisting of one tablespoon of mustard, a glass of kefir and two yolks is considered to be a nourishing mask for a head of hair. Stir the ingredients until smooth and apply the product once a week.
You can make a mask of brandy, onion juice and decoction of the roots of burdock, taken in the ratio of 1: 4: 4. All mixtures should be rubbed into the hair roots and scalp.

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