How to insert a link

Hyperlinks (links,links- from English “Link”) are the addresses of sites, their sections, pages and files on the Internet, placed on web pages. To insert a link into the HTML code of the page, it is not enough to register the address “”. Of course, this can be done in the visual editor, but the standards of the web markup language must be taken into account. To insert a link into the page code, you need to use the standard:TEXTwhere URL is the page address in the “” format, and TEXT is any text that will be perceived by the browser as a link. If you link to a file, you must specify its permission. For example, a music file in * .mp3 format has the full name not “track”, as it appears in the operating system, but “track.mp3”. The same with web pages. In addition to * .html, such formats as * .htm, * .xhtml, * .php and others are often common.

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