How to install a fireplace

Fireplaces are increasingly used in individual homes. They can be installed independently, but this will require: a metal part, finishing materials, components of the hood and pipes. Consultation of experts will be necessary. Errors during construction should not be, because then (due to violation of safety rules) there may be sad consequences. Observe the instructions of the manufacturer of the heater.

Requirements for installing a fireplace

The place for its installation is selected taking into account the interior of the room to ensure uniform distribution of heat. It is necessary to ensure the safe connection of the chimney to the ceiling and roof. His deviation from the vertical should be no more than approved in the relevant requirements.
Installing the fireplace is made on a basis that can withstand its weight. In the event that it is small, it can be installed on the floor, which, if necessary, strengthened. It is necessary to take into account that the fireplaces made at the factory,They are installed on the floor where a base of ceramic tile, sheet metal or other non-combustible material is prepared in advance.
At installation it is necessary to comply with fire safety requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer.
The walls with which the fireplace will come in contact must be made of non-combustible materials or protected accordingly. They should not be laid engineering communications (plumbing, electrical or other). The cross section of the chimney should be not less than the diameter of its outlet pipe. Installation of prefabricated fireplace can be performed by joining (cladding parts) using a special (heat-resistant) adhesive composition.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the fireplace (combustion process), air is required to enter the room. The doors of which should not be tightly closed during the fire. It is best to equip the inlet ventilation so that the draft does not deteriorate, and the flue gases do not enter the room.

Installation Procedure

Before starting work, you should carefully study the instructions, specifications and assembly drawings. Fireplace must be assembled from fireproof materials. Work should be done with the help of a building level, the angles between the surfaces should be 90 degrees.
It is necessary to install a metal firebox, then connect it to the chimney. It is necessary to install the fireplace facing according to the assembly drawings. If necessary, make the installation of the fireplace box. Install ventilation grilles, arrange a decorative cover for the box. To increase the amount of knowledge on this issue, you can use other sources of information.

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