How to install doors

You will need
  • - miter box;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - a set of chisels;
  • - screwdriver or drill;
  • - drills and feathers;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - frame anchors or long screws;
  • - tape measure;
  • - building level;
  • - polyurethane foam.
Assemble the door frame by cutting off the laths at the joints at a 45-degree angle, and fastening the parts together with screws.
Put the box on the floor and insert the door leaf into it. Markup for hinges, lock and door handle.
Install hinges, a lock, a handle and mates for them, having previously prepared the seats for each part.
Insert the door into the box, hanging the canvas with hinges. Check the uniformity of gaps, the operation of the door handle and lock.
Remove the canvas, dismount the hinges and the counterpart of the lock on the door frame.
Make holes in these places (only three). Frame anchors will be inserted into them (for fastening to the doorway), and in case of impossibility of using anchors - long, strong self-tapping screws.
Put the box in the doorway, after adjusting it to the level. Mark the junction of the box with the base of the opening.
Drill holes in these places. If it is not possible to use frame anchors, insert dowels in the holes.
Install the door frame and secure with anchors or long screws. Adjust the entire structure with a level.
Screw the hinges and the counterpart of the lock, then install the door and check the level, the gaps between the leaf and the box, the operation of the handle and the lock.
Wrap the door leaf and box with film, using masking tape to not damage the coating in the next stage of work.
Fill the space between the door frame and the opening with the mounting foam, having previously installed limit stops in the gaps between the box and the canvas, so that the gaps are not deformed when the foam hardens.
After the foam is completely dry, cut it in protruding places and install the grinders using glue or decorative nails.

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