How to install plastic pipes

You will need
  • - cranes;
  • - fittings;
  • - electric welding machine for polyfusion welding with nozzles for pipes and fittings;
  • - electric extender;
  • - scissors for trimming the pipe;
  • - sharp knife;
  • - permanent marker (you can use a soft pencil);
  • - tape measure;
  • - metal ruler;
  • - degreasing agent.
  • - contact thermometer.
Inspect carefully before starting the installation of pipelines all prepared plasticpipes, fittings and taps. Check their serviceability and performance, and check the parts with metal threads by screwing on the corresponding parts. Fitting surfaces andpipes, in contact with nozzles of the welding machine, degrease.
Turn on the welding machine, after setting the nozzle temperature control knob to a value of 250-270 degrees and fixing them securely on the machine. The readiness of the apparatus for the production of welding can be determined by the absence of the glow of the test light or bycontact thermometer, which should show a temperature of 260 degrees.
Consider when marking the required lengthpipesits connection with the fitting, which is determined by the depth of its coupling. After marking the pipe cut with special scissors, while the cut surface will turn out strictly perpendicular to the axispipes. If you use a hacksaw for metal, then remove the resulting burr with a sharp knife. In order to exclude the rotation of the fitting relative to the longitudinal axispipes, their mutual position is indicated by a thin marker.
Start heating the parts to be welded from the fitting, putting it on the heating nozzle, since its walls are thicker and heat up somewhat longer. Then insert the end into the appropriate nozzle.pipes. During heating of plastic parts, they should not be rotated around the axis, as this may lead to undesirable compression of the material and deterioration of the quality of the weld.
Remove the plastic parts from the nozzles after they are heated to the required temperature. With a confident smooth movement without an axial rotation, connect them together and fix in this position for 20-30 seconds. 60 minutes after the last weld seam was made,pipesyou can let the water.

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