How to install the game on a Samsung phone from a computer

To install the game on your Samsung phone, you need to synchronize your phone with a computer. The data cable and CD with software and drivers can be found in the package. Otherwise, buy a data cable in the official representative of the company or order it from the On the same site you can download the software and drivers needed for synchronization. Install the software components, then connect the phone to the computer. To ensure the correct course of the operation, it is necessary to carry out actions in this very sequence.
Download and install any java-emulator. It is useful when testing games that you will later copy to your phone. With it, you will save time, which could spend on copying and deleting games that for some reason you do not like.
Open On this site you can find a catalog of games for your Samsung phone with a convenient system of division according to model series, models, and also game types. Choose games that are interested in your description and download them to your computer.
Test downloaded games using java-emulator. Make sure that the game suits you, then connect the phone to the computer using a data cable. Run the synchronization software. Make sure that the program "sees" the phone, then copy the games you have selected into its file menu. Do not disconnect the phone fromcomputerto complete the operation.

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