How to insulate the apartment for the winter

You will need
  • - masking tape
  • - old pillow
  • - felt or foam rubber
  • - foam or rubber seals
To get rid of drafts and cold air in the apartment, change windows and doors to new ones. Choose three-chamber double-glazed windows. These windows do not need to pack for the winter, and they do not let the cold air into the apartment.
At the entrance or balcony doors must be rubber seals. Best of all, if they will be 2.
But if you are not satisfied with radical changes financially, use proven grandmother's methods. Some tips are laborious or inconvenient for their appearance. For example, taped windows. But there are simple tips on how to insulate the apartment.
In case of strong winds, hang the door from the balcony door with a rug. For fidelity, you can put an old pillow on the floor under the door.
Slit on the windows glue masking tape. Foam rubber or felt can be laid between the frames.
Pull thick curtains.This is also one of the ways to keep out cold air.
Now quite a lot of different foam rubber or rubber insulation, which can be bought in hardware stores.

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