How to keep a husband in the family

Rate the situation. Feeling a clear cooling or learning about the presence of her husband's mistress, you should not rush into battle. For a start, calmly and adequately assess the situation. Find the reasons why your husband decided to leave the family - an unhealthy psychological atmosphere, lack of intimacy between you, your discontent or others.
Eliminate negative factors. If you know exactly what caused the detached behavior of her husband, proceed to change the situation. Give up talking on high tones, change your anger to mercy, stop forever reproaching him and underestimating him. Look at the situation from the outside, and you will understand what is wrong with your relationship.
Add some pleasant moments to your life. Surely before, you often spent time together and you had favorite joint activities. Bring them back to your life, gently remind your husband about how good you were. It is important to say without words that you are ready to change and return to a happy life with him.
Calmly discuss the situation.Talking heart to heart will have a positive effect only if during it you do not pounce on your spouse, accusing him of all sins. Find the strength to have a measured conversation, during which two adults will express their vision of an unpleasant situation and ways to solve problems.
Do not throw out the anger and resentment against her spouse. Even if a mistress appears on the horizon, you have a chance to save your family, so you shouldn’t throw your fists at your husband. Be prudent - in case you want to keep your spouse behave calmly and waste energy on planning the restoration of relationships, and not on quarrels.

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