How to knock ak 47 in Varfeys?

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How to knock ak 47 in Varfeys?

Warface is a multiplayer multiplayer game that was released in 2012 by Crytek. The game is a first-person shooter with a lot of closed-loop game cards where battles take place between players or a player and a computer. Players are divided into two teams - terrorists and special forces. The game is shareware with the game store. Any equipment can be bought for real money, or for game currency, or simply knock out with the help of boxes of luck.

One of the most powerful weapons in the game is AK 47. How to knock out AK 47 in the game will be described in detail below.

How to beat AK 47

AK 47 can be knocked out in the boxes of luck, which are sold in the game store for virtual and real currency. Initially, when adding these weapons to the boxes of luck, it was difficult to knock them out, so a rare player ran with these powerful weapons. However, over time, gamers have found several effective tactics of knocking out AK 47. We will understand together in simple tactics how to knock out AK 47 in Varfeys.

The first method of knocking out AK 47

The essence of all tactics and this is the purchase of boxes of luck in a certain sequence and with various tricks:

  1. We first buy one box.
  2. If the machine does not fall out, then we buy 5 boxes of luck in a row and open them.
  3. In case of failure, we buy 3 more boxes.
  4. If AK 47 did not fall out, then buy 2 more boxes.
  5. In the case of a complete failure, repeat the sequence again.

The second method of knocking out AK 47

We buy boxes of luck for 5 pieces several times in a row. You can repeat until the desired weapon does not fall out.

The third way of knocking out AK 47

This tactic is also based on buying boxes in sequence. First one box is bought, and then five more boxes. If the weapon does not fall out, then you need to buy five more boxes, and then another. In case of failure, you can repeat the procedure.

The fourth method of knocking out AK 47

Many Varface players have noticed that if you buy and open boxes of luck in the first minute of every hour, the cherished weapon drops out much more often. As they say veterans Varfeys, the box falls already 3-4 times. Buy and open a box of luck within the first minute of every hour.

The fifth method of knocking out AK 47

Also, the players of the game noted that the AK 47 machine can drop out more often from four to eight in the morning every day. Perhaps this is due to the smaller number of players on the server and a higher probability of falling out of the machine.

The sixth way of knocking out AK 47

This scheme was also invented by the players:

  1. You need to play three minutes at the site.
  2. Then buy five boxes of luck at once and open them.
  3. If you have failed, then you can go to another server and do the procedure again to the bitter end.

All these tactics were tested and tested by the players themselves Varfeys. Sometimes, before starting to try tactics, it is advised to go to an empty server to increase the possibility of a successful outcome. Many of these tactics can be applied together.

It is also recommended to watch the video how to knock out AK 47, which will answer many questions and tell in more detail about knocking out AK 47 in the game of Varface.

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