How to learn fortune-telling on maps

How to learn fortune-telling on mapsIn childhood, girls love to guess. Firstly, this process always looks very interesting and mystical. And secondly, everyone wants to know what will happen in the future. At the same time, they often guess both about everyday life and about romantic relationships and important events.


Women want advice or a special sign by resorting to a fortress. Of course, the cards cannot say what to do right or what to do, but many girls believe that they suggest a solution in difficult situations.


You can learn how to learn to guess on tarot cards or regular playing cards. The main thing is to master the basic layouts and understand how to interpret the result.


Some tips:


  • It is not recommended to use the decks you took to play;
  • it is best to buy a few new ones with multi-colored shirts to apply for separate layouts;
  • Keep divination decks in a place where other people won't take them;
  • also advised to treat them with respect, so they should be stored in a separate place;
  • do not use them very often, but only in really important cases.


If you decide to conduct fortune-telling on ordinary maps, then before starting, formulate a question that interests you. Guessing for another person, look at his photo or imagine his face.


Learn to guess on simple maps - step-by-step instruction


1. First you need to master the basic layouts. Below are a few of them.
2. Then shuffle the deck and do the guessing itself.
3. Look closely at the result, depending on the fortune-telling, pay attention to certain groups of cards.
4. Using the descriptions for each of them, decipher the meaning.


Layout "Fan"


This option is best suited for questions about career, fate or love.


1. You need to think about a person and determine a suitable card for him. If you are guessing at a boyfriend or husband, just imagine the king of the red suit.
2. Now take a deck, mix it thoroughly.
3. Then you should put the first three cards fan in front of you.
4. The following three are located below the first.
5. Spread such triples until you reach the hidden card.
6As soon as you see your "king", put one more row below him.
7. Now you need to correctly interpret the result. The cards that are near the one you have thought of represent the present. Those that are located on top - the future, and the bottom show you the past.


How to learn fortune-telling on maps


Layout "15"


  • think of a person;
  • shuffle the deck well;
  • then take 15 of any cards and lay them out in front of you;
  • you need to make 5 equal stacks;
  • the first stack shows the present time;
  • the second determines the personal life of the person conceived, his family status;
  • the third indicates relationships with friends;
  • the fourth will show the main dreams and goals in his life;
  • the fifth will demonstrate the future, there may be some tips or warnings;
  • Now you need to look closely at the result, putting a value on each of the stacks.


You can learn to guess on the cards for free, videos and step-by-step instructions will help you quickly deal with this task. Do everything carefully, following each step. Once you have mastered the basic options for folding, go to the notation of the results. You need to interpret them according to suit and order.


Map Values


The suit "worms" is considered love, and "baptize" - business. In addition, each card has its own meaning. Sixes basically mean the road, sevens - conversations, eights - meetings, ninees - love, dozens - goals and dreams. Volts most often show problems or various troubles, ladies - mistresses or married women, kings - married or divorced men, an ace shows home or important affairs and news.


At the same time, for the “cross” suit, most of these values ​​are connected with business life, that is, the sixes are not just a road, but a business trip. At the same time, sevens and eights define business meetings, and tens - profits. Ladies and kings are business partners or colleagues, and an ace is a business.


"Tambourines" means more joyful options - a close path, love, important messages. But the "Peak" on the contrary demonstrates bad situations - a long road, disappointment, enemies and failure. You can also see a more detailed value for each particular suit.


Now you know how to make basic layouts and interpret drawn cards. When a girlfriend comes to you with the words: “I want to learn to guess on the cards,” you can easily train her using these step-by-step instructions.

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