How to load mods

Prefer proven sites to download mods. An ideal place for downloading modifications are digital distribution services, such as Steam. Downloading a product from there, you can be one hundred percent sure that it does not contain a virus or a "worm" and besides, it works stably and reliably. This is achieved due to the fact that any modification is either published by the developers themselves or approved by them. However, it is not necessary that the site be licensed: many game portals conduct a moderation that is similar in thoroughness, but only amateur add-ons are laid out — an example of this is
Download modifications with the installer. On the Internet, you can find different variations of the same fashion and the most faithful will be the one that will require you to install the least amount of power. As a rule, good and high-quality add-ons (and even more so official DLC) are equipped with an installer program, which will require the user only to specify the directory with the game.Such mods are made more carefully and with diligence, and most importantly, when installing them, you completely avoid the possibility of damaging the game files if improperly installed.
Sometimes it is possible to download the addon directly from the game. There are two basic options to do this - download DLC (embedded add-on from the official site) and connect the modification from the hard disk. In the first case, the game automatically (if the mod is not paid) will start downloading and installing and you will not have to do anything. When launching from a hard disk, you, on the contrary, need to first download the modification, place it in the appropriate directory (it should be written in the installation instructions for the mod) and after starting the game in the "add-ons" menu, find the downloaded one and press the "run" button. Such a “handy” installation exists in Fallout, The Elder Scrolls and Doom 3.

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