How to lose 40 kilos? Powerful motivation from Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova posted on Instagram photos in a swimsuit. And it would not be big news if it were not for two big but: firstly, the actress is not Emily Ratakovski and usually does not pose in a bikini, and secondly, she did it in order to show the girls worrying about the figure during pregnancy, that the birth of a child does not affect harmony. Mary can be trusted: she is a mother twice and after each pregnancy gained ... 40 kilograms. And each time, as she assured in the comments under the photo, she successfully returned the form. According to the actress, the idea to write a motivating post was born thanks to the numerous admissions of her subscribers that they are not ready to decide on a pregnancy and say goodbye to a slim figure forever. We look at Mary and master the main thing - willpower is everything!

I get a lot of confessions from girls and women about fears that after the birth of a child they will not be in shape, that they will lose beauty and never be the same.I will make an exception and put a photo in a bathing suit after the birth of two sons, when I gained almost 40 kg for each pregnancy! Yes, yes, I was not mistaken! + 40 kg. And, of course, someone will say: it was necessary to eat less, but no, I didn’t eat too much, and I had water consumption within the normal range. And the weight began to grow with a geometrical progression from 7 months ... they even checked for diabetes, but, thank God, it was not confirmed, the doctors came to the conclusion that this is the body's hormonal changes. Therefore, dear girls, I want to tell you, this is all nonsense and never mind! You will never experience greater happiness in life than motherhood! All the rest is nonsense, which is solved with the help of willpower!

Publication from Maria Kozhevnikova (@mkozhevnikova)Jun 1 2017 at 8:16 pdt

By the way, a little later, another photo appeared in the @mkozhevnikova account - with those same forty kilograms.

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