How to love a wife?

Otshumela wedding passed months. And somehow imperceptibly spouses began to move away from each other. But recently, my husband proudly declared: “I love my wife!” And so it happens in many young (and not so) families. So what's the deal? What happened? And the answer, meanwhile, is simple.

How to love your wife - practical advice

The fact is that both halves need love and attention not only before the wedding, but also after. And especially need the attention of women. How to love your wife and show her that you love her? As always, nothing particularly difficult. And let's start with the most basic things. First, look at how you communicate with your spouse. “Give me,” “bring me,” “where is the lunch?”, “What is there again?” - these things need to be set aside. It is much better to use instead of “give-ka”, “give, please”, instead of “and where is lunch?” , learning this will not take much power. Otherwise, ask you a question: why do you even get married? A wife is not a piece of furniture, but a living person who needs everyday attention and care - at least in some form. And the easiest way to show this attention in a kind word.Next: no need to give gifts only when you once again "nakosyachili." And do not give gifts only about. Buy a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the working week that your spouse loves or a box of favorite sweets. Yes, even a simple chocolate, presented without any reason, will be much more pleasant for it than any other jewelry, presented as “compensation for moral damage”. It was handed, because you can’t call it a gift - just compensation. And even better - do not bring to this.

Sharing lessons is the key to a strong relationship.

The phrase in the title of this section is actually very important. When you got married, you did not plan to live separately, even within the same apartment? So why are you now only meeting at breakfast and dinner? No matter how busy you are, at least an hour or two a day can always be allocated to loved ones. You cannot earn all the money, and even many rich people who work 25 hours a day find time for their wives. You can. Take a walk together, go somewhere. Do not like to leave the house: download the movie and watch together. Make it a rule to arrange joint home movie shows,it's so cool to sit together in the evening and watch a good movie. Let me remind you once again of the importance of respecting your wife. From your side there should be no shouts, no rudeness, or, especially, assault - it is unworthy of a person, especially a man. And now about another important detail that is often overlooked by many men. How are domestic responsibilities distributed between you?

Do not be selfish

I often hear: “this is not a man’s job,” “a wife must do this,” “I work a lot.” You know: to wash the dishes with you or make tea with sandwiches does not take much time. In general, I want to give you good advice: try to do all household chores together. Or distribute responsibilities in such a way that everyone does something around the house. Remember: there is no 100% "male" and "female" work. A man, if his wife is tired, can wash the dishes, and hang up the laundry after washing, and wash the floors, and vacuum the carpet. That is the manifestation of love, everything else is just words. If your wife prepared you breakfast, lunch and dinner, washed the dishes and did other household chores,and for that day you didn’t hit a finger and with beer you watched football - this is not love. Look at things real: it means that you just perceive your wife as a servant. Recently saw a good quote on the Internet. “My wife is a dishwasher, cook, laundress, technical worker, nurse, teacher, educator, economist, seamstress, accountant, mistress, psychologist ... And my husband gets tired at work!” Even having a job does not give you the right to do nothing at home. The wife also works, and if not, she still gets very tired in this mode. Take some of the household chores for yourself - at least carry bags from the store. Believe me, many do not. And then you can rightfully say: "Yes, I love my wife."

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