How to make a beautiful belly in one week?

You can see on the scales the numbers forty-six kilograms and at the same time have a sticking belly that will spoil everything. That is why it is necessary to work intensively on this part of the body.

A flat stomach for a week is the dream of all women. We all want to look good, wear things that we like and not complexes because of our bodies. Assessing our appearance, men do not think about how much we weigh, they look at the proportions of our body.

A tight belly will allow you to wear skin-tight things and look sexy even in a simple T-shirt. Seeing the slender bodies of models, leading, actresses, we feel a sense of envy. It seems to us that all of them were just lucky to be born slim with flat tummies, unlike us. In fact, to have a perfect belly, you need a lot of work on yourself. And all public women know this. Take an example from them.

Summer is coming and very soon, we will start to wear swimsuits, clothes made of thin fabrics that the figure flaws cannot hide.Excessive fat in the abdominal area does not look aesthetically pleasing, especially if you don’t wear pants or jeans that do not fit.

Also, having a big belly is not safe from a medical point of view. This threatens to cause serious problems with the female genital organs, intestines and stomach. So, if you can’t boast of a flat tummy at the moment, it’s time to take action.

If you set a goal for yourself: the ideal belly and the faster, the better, you should know that you will need a certain time. It all depends on what condition your stomach is in today. The more fat it contains, the longer it will take to work.

Getting Started

Do not believe advertising slogans in which you are promised flat stomachs. With the help of questionable drugs this is simply impossible to achieve! Do not waste money and do not ruin your health!

In order to make the stomach perfect, you need to: eat properly, perform special exercises, do aerobic exercise, and care for your skin. Let us dwell on each point in more detail.

Proper nutrition

Minimize fatty foods. Forget about this way of cooking, like frying.No fried potatoes, kebabs, and especially belyashey and pasties. Discard porridge, pasta and white bread. Do not drink carbonated drinks: sprite, cola, etc.

And of course, a taboo on foods rich in carbohydrates: sugar, chocolate and sweets. If you consider this impossible, because you cannot imagine your life without sugary baking, you will have to change your food preferences. And the fat on the stomach is delayed due to the use of alcoholic beverages, especially beer. So forget about them.

At first glance, it may seem to you that in order to get a beautiful tummy, you have to give up all the tasty things. But it is not. You just need to love vegetables and fruits, especially green. Cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, green peppers and all sorts of herbs should be the basis of your diet.

If there are no problems with the intestines, you can eat beans, lentils and peas. Cook vegetable salads and fill them with oil only. Eat meat and fish only boiled. Every day you should eat at least one grapefruit or orange, citrus fruits contribute to the burning of fat in the abdominal area.


You will never get the belly of your dreams if you do not play sports. Only by performing special exercises, you will find the desired shape.We suggest that you get acquainted with the actual physical exercises. For beginners, we recommend doing them 20-25 times.

1. Lie on the floor, bend your legs and put them on the floor. Hands in the lock behind the head, spread your elbows to the side. Perform body lift without lifting your back. The chin can not be pressed, the neck is not moving.

2. We lie down on the rug, the back is pressed tightly to it, lift your legs and bend, forming a 90 degree angle. Now lower the legs: first the left one touches the floor, then the right one. In this case, you can not open your legs and you need to keep an angle all the time.

3. Stand with your arms in front of your chest, keep your elbows free. Perform simultaneous lifting of the leg and tilt of the trunk. This exercise is called vertical twisting. It is necessary to take shape in such a way that the hands can touch the knee. Alternately lift the right and left foot. Do this exercise at a fast pace.

4. Perform one hundred corners in each side. Lean as low as possible, try to touch the knee with your hand. Stretch slowly.

5. Lie down on the mat. Raise your legs, you should get a right angle. This is a simple but hard exercise.

6Relying on the forearm, straighten your legs and lift them at a 45 degree angle. Now remove your arms, straightening them along the body. You should only rely on the ass. Hold this position for at least 2-4 minutes.

7. Lie on your right side, put your left hand in front of you, right - straighten and place under your head. Leaning on your left hand, simultaneously lift the torso and two straight legs. Do this exercise for the other side.

8. Take a starting position as in the first exercise. Only now you need to pick up a dumbbell weighing 1.5 kg. Straighten your arms above your head, holding a dumbbell in them, rise completely: your stomach should touch your knees, and you should not bend your arms at the elbows.

Aerobic exercise

You can get rid of fat by performing exercises with a rapid pulse. For this you need to actively move. For a flat press, you need to do aerobic exercise daily for 30 minutes. You can choose whatever classes you like: jumping rope, running, cycling or rollerblading. Or you can sign up for a special course on aerobics. Please note that for these activities you will need special shoes and clothing. To get a good press you have to alternate aerobic and fitness classes.

Skin care products

Getting rid of fat in this area, your skin may begin to sag.To avoid this, you need to use special tools. These include: scrubs, masks, lotions and creams.

Each cosmetic company offers you a series of products for a flat stomach. So, you have a huge choice. You can use folk remedies. For example, for the skin of the abdomen is useful to make clay wraps. Use blue and black clay.

We recommend you to make homemade lotion, its base is olive oil (150-200g), add ten drops of vitamin E and vitamin A (five drops), and five drops of rosemary oil. Rub this mixture into the skin. This will not only tighten the skin of the abdomen, but also relieve stretch marks. Take a douche, daily massage the abdomen and make sure that your skin is not dry.

You will pump up an ideal stomach only when learn to be engaged daily and intensively. Do not skip classes, stick to proper nutrition, waste calories. And soon you will be proud of the results of your work!

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