How to make a beautiful volumetric hairstyle with your own hands?

Owners of different types of hair, probably, more than once asked a question of giving additional volume to their hair. A lot of lessons and videos on the Internet are devoted to how to make a voluminous hairstyle, without resorting to the help of specialists, but you should know some tricks before proceeding with them. Representatives of thin hair also dream of lush hairstyle, which becomes real when you have a certain tool and knowledge.

Here are some classic tips for creating a successful styling:

  • When you just wash your hair, your hair seems much more luxurious than on other days. But in order to make a beautiful voluminous hairstyle - you have to wash your hair the day before, and apply hair conditioner only on the tips. Thus, they will crumble less, and it will be easier to cope with them.
  • If you had to wash your head on the same day, then you need to make sure that your hair is completely dried before styling.Otherwise, this hairstyle will not live long.
  • To lift the hair from the roots, it is necessary to apply mousse and varnish at the roots, without affecting the middle and the ends of the hair.
  • The quality of the styling will depend on the quality of the cosmetic products that you use in the process of creating a hairstyle.
  • You can only comb your hair after adding volume to it. Otherwise the styling will disintegrate.

Tools and cosmetics

To create a voluminous hairstyle should be aware of the existence of special tools. Purchase a special comb to create additional volume. Usually they have a round or semicircular shape, for the execution of hairstyles from curled curls, use a thin round brush.

The use of diffuse hair dryers also simplifies the styling creation process. They are convenient because they allow to dry and style hair at the same time.

Funds for creating volumetric hairstyles scare their diversity. However, try to use those that at least will not harm the health of your hair, not to mention how to be useful.

Liquid foams and fixatives are usually applied to damp hair, then winding them on large diameter curlers, the gels are applied to dry hair.

Do not forget that the hairstyle should be fixed varnish, otherwise it will quickly lose its volume.

On short hair

The volume of a short hairstyle can be given already during drying. To do this, it is necessary to dry them from the roots, while not tilting the head from side to side, but simply turning it in different directions. Dry hair try thin strands.

When creating a volumetric hairstyle in the style of glam-rock, you need to apply mousse on the clean hair for volume and dry them. After that, using a cream-gel, distribute your locks as you please. At the end fix all varnish. Haircut is ready!

Long hair

With long hair, things are a little more complicated. For the preparation of a magnificent hairstyle on long hair, you will need curling irons.

To start, comb your hair back. Start to choose the strands from the person himself, gradually moving to the back of the head. To simplify the separation of strands from one another - use a comb with a long handle. The thicker the strand you take, the larger the rings will be, the less bulky and raised.

The time it takes to curl one strand depends on your instrument and its heating temperature.

So, step by step, you will sort out the whole head. After you have finished with the rings, you need to comb them with a brush with rare teeth, fix the resulting beauty with varnish.

Of course, doing the above procedure is too often fraught with health. In order to make a voluminous hairstyle itself, without resorting to thermal procedures, you just need to pick yourself the right shampoo, giving volume, and conditioner.

The main trick of lush hairstyles is the overcoat. It can be done both on the whole head and on certain parts of the head, where it will require it. Everything is fixed with lacquer - and the usual everyday hairstyle turns into an unusual, vivid variation.

How to comb a comb?

The following procedure will be the most benign and painless: apply thick hair balm on hair and leave for half an hour, then begin to gently distribute the strands with a brush with large teeth, then you can go to the comb with sparse teeth. Then wash your hair thoroughly.


The volume can be attached and with the help of such a known means as curlers. From the size and type of hair curlers will depend on the appearance of your future hairstyle.The smaller the curlers - the rings will be more tight and small. Before you wind the curlers - apply mousse or volume foam on clean hair.

If you do not want curls, but just want to lift the hair from the roots, then you can use special large curlers with Velcro. When using them, the hair does not curl, but only becomes more voluminous and well-groomed. Heated hair rollers are very convenient to use - they need to be kept for 15-20 minutes on the hair, only to curl on dry curls, unlike ordinary hair curlers.

After you have removed the curlers, distribute the curls over the entire head, you can comb a comb with large teeth and fix the varnish.

If all of the above methods did not help you, then try to contact the beauty salon. They will advise you on the best way to give volume to your hair.

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