How to make a cable

All primary cable manufacturing operations are performed at the drawing and stranding workshops. A strand is a billet of several copper wires. In this workshop, the primary processing of wire rod is performed, which is a viscous material obtained from metal and looking like a small bar with a diameter of 5-10 mm.
After making the blanks, they are sent to the shop for the imposition of the shell and insulation. Copper wire rod is drawn in wire using special machines. Drawing - the process of cold processing of metals, in which wire or other workpiece passes through the fiber (drawing tool) and takes the necessary shape and size. Drawing deteriorates electrical conductivity and changes the plastic properties of the metal.
For the return of electrically conductive properties of the metal is annealed, the temperature and duration of which depends on the properties of the wire and its size.The process is carried out in vacuum or steam ovens.
Ready pasya (a set of several wires) is wound on a special technological coil. After that, the pasma is fed into a twisting machine, where strands are formed - blanks for wire production. The individual wires are also twisted strands for conducting current and uninsulated wires.
For applying the shell on the twisted wiring used PVC plastic. First, its granules melt to a homogeneous mass and with the help of a special press (extruder) are superimposed on the wire. In the manufacture of stranded wire, insulated conductors are twisted and sent for the application of a common insulating material.
After all operations, the cables are packed and shipped.

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