How to make a Christmas tree?

The new year is very close. People have a desire to decorate their home to create a festive mood. Without a doubt, the main attribute of the holiday is the New Year tree. This symbol of the New Year can be bought almost everywhere, but it is much more interesting to make it yourself. In this article, you will learn how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands.

Interpretations of the Christmas tree can be as much as you like. For its manufacture in the course you can use any available materials. Christmas trees made of buttons, feathers, newspaper sheets, pieces of felt, sweets, pasta and cones look very interesting and creative. This list is endless.

One of the most simple and common options is to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard or plain paper. Let us dwell on these options in more detail.

To create this New Year's masterpiece you will need:

  • scissors
  • double-sided colored paper and cardboard (green)
  • glue
  • tape
  • cotton wool
  • beads

Option number 1

  • Take 2 sheets of green two-sided cardboard (or any other color) and fold them exactly in half.
  • From the fold to the edge of the sheets, draw the halves of Christmas trees.On both sheets they should be the same.
  • Cut Christmas trees along the contour.
  • On one of the Christmas trees, make a cut along the fold line from the bottom to the middle, on the other the other way around the top and to the middle.
  • Then insert them into one another.
  • Decorate the resulting Christmas tree with cotton wool, beads or rain. From the ribbons you can make small bows or any other decoration. Here you can show all your imagination.

Option number 2

  • Make a cone from a sheet of thick paper or cardboard. Its free protruding corner needs to be cut so that the cone stands on the surface exactly.
  • Fasten the cardboard cone with a stapler or tape. Our Christmas tree base is ready.
  • Further, the cone is wrapped tightly in a spiral. You can use the traditional green color or any other of your choice.
  • We attach light small balls or ribbon bows right on the rain.
  • At the end of the crown, cut a star out of red two-sided paper. And voila - our Christmas tree is ready.

Option number 3

  • Make two-sided paper in three circles of different diameters.
  • Divide each into many equal parts, notching the edge of the circle without reaching its center (the more cuts, the firmer the tree will be).
  • Using a pencil, twist the resulting stripes.
  • Then cut one side to the middle and with an overlap make a cone from a circle, holding it with glue or stapler.
  • Perform these manipulations with the rest of the circles.
  • Put the resulting cones on top of each other in descending order.
  • Now it remains only to decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy your creation.

You have met with several options for how to make a Christmas tree from paper. The above methods are very easy to manufacture. If you want a more complex and equally beautiful option, you will use the origami technique.

Before you make an origami tree, prepare for this process morally. You are waiting for painstaking long work.

For work you will need:

  • foil
  • green paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tinsel

Our future Christmas tree will consist of separate modules - basic figures, which in origami are called "Kite". Therefore, to get started is to prepare them.

  • Take three squares of different sizes: small, bigger and the largest.
  • Attach one corner of the square to the opposite. Bend and align, the sides must be clearly aligned. Stroke the fold line.Then straighten the part so that it acquires the original shape of the square.
  • Attach the sides of the square to the middle line and bend. After that, extend the inner corners so that they are along the middle fold line. These manipulations need to be done with each of the three squares.
  • Then push the parts over each other. Above the smallest, then medium and large.
  • It is necessary to decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel or make small balls of foil pieces for it.
  • Such a Christmas tree will not be able to stand on its own, it must be leaned against a vertical surface or used as a bookmark.

Thanks to our article, you now know how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands. Take your time and create a real New Year atmosphere in the house. We wish you a happy New Year!

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