How to make a counter

Currently, there are a large number of special statistics services with counters. More famous is the Liveinternet statistics. It has high counting accuracy, user-friendly interface and functionality.
The installation steps for liveinternet statistics and the counter to the site are quite simple. First you need to get the html code of the hit counter and install it on the site.
To get the counter code, go to the liveinternet site and enter information about your site: address, name, password, etc. After completing, click "Next" and carefully check the entered data. If everything is correct, click "Register".
After that, you will receive a notification of successful registration. Then you can start getting the html code of the hit counter. Clicking on one of the proposed, select the type of counter you like. Copy the html counter code.
After that, paste the code you copied to all or selected pages of the site for which you want to carry statistics. The code must be inserted into the body of the document,namely, between the closing and opening tags.
Many try to hide the counter altogether. For this you need to enclose the counter code in an invisible block DIV. For example, html code: div id = "counter" (counter code) / div. CSS code: # counter {display: none}. Thus, the attendance counter you set will not be visible to users.
Next, go to the statistics view. Enter your site name and password to login. A page will open displaying the statistics of your site. On the left you will see the main menu, which opens up ample opportunities for you to study your visitors, session duration, entry and exit points, etc.

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