How to make a financial plan

Start by compiling a profit and loss statement. This report will be the first paragraph of the financial plan of the enterprise. In the income statement, include the projected revenues from sales of products for the next 2 years. It is recommended to issue a report in the form of a table. The main lines of this table will be indicators such as: revenue from sales, cost of goods sold, administrative costs, interest costs, taxes and sales costs. When calculating the cost of goods sold do not forget to take into account such items as: costs of materials, salaries of employees, rent and insurance, depreciation, taxes on real estate and utilities.
Reflect the planned figures for cash receipts. The cash plan is the second paragraph of the financial plan. This report should be compiled as a table.The report should reflect the monthly plan of income and expenses at the enterprise for 1 year. The plan should include items such as: cash received, sources of capital, wages, materials, equipment purchased, repairs to premises, and administrative expenses.
Make a forecast balance of assets and liabilities in your company. This balance will be the third paragraph of the financial plan. The balance sheet should include items such as: cash, accounts receivable (accounts receivable), inventories, fixed capital, depreciation, residual value of fixed capital and intangible assets.
Submit a report on fixed assets, which will be the 4th paragraph of the financial plan. Include in the report the cost of factory and office equipment, and also reflect the dates of purchase of fixed assets, the reasons for the purchase, depreciation rates and sources of financing.
Calculate financial performance indicators and reflect their values ​​in the final paragraph of the financial plan.

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