How to make a gif?

Today it is not difficult to find programs where you can quickly and easily create your own gif. We offer you several options, choose any suitable.

GIFC services and programs

On the Internet, there are many services for creating gifs. Consider some of the most simple and high quality.

  • . This is an absolutely free service that allows you to create not only hyphae animation, but also animated avatars, as well as banners with effects. Easy to manage and has a memorable name. Allows you to work with downloaded images (asks for links) or with photos from a webcam.
  • . Allows you to create various kinds of gifs, while complementing them with various special effects. Allows you to work with colors, duration of animation, convert gif to AVI or even to SWF. At the same time, you can even add music to the animation.
  • . One of the most popular and easy programs. Helps to create pictures and animations from video files. In order to make a gif, the user must select the desired video or part of a video file.After that you can do cropping to get the desired hyphae-animation or, for example, avatars on the forum. To learn how to turn a video into a gif, read How to make gif from a video.
  • . A handy application that, among other things, has a large selection of effects. Helps to make gif-animation both from a photo, and from a video file. Something like a program for creating presentations.
  • . Pretty simple program that has its advantages. For example, the effect of transparency and compression of animation is available.
  • . With this program it is easy to work, allows you to quickly make gif animation. There are a large number of settings.
  • . Useful service for those who like brilliant animated inscriptions. Together with this site it’s very easy to create a brilliant declaration of love or write information about yourself and insert it into the signature on the forums.

How to make a gif in Photoshop

Unlike the services described above, Photoshop as a program is naturally more complicated. But when working with it, you will be able to express your imagination and, again, free of charge to create a unique gif animation that no one else will have but you. As a rule, those who use online services receive gifs of lower quality and similar to each other. If you decide to make an individual gif, use Photoshop.Here is a brief description of the steps to get the simplest gif animation:

  1. Create a file that will act as a background for future animation.
  2. Transfer to it the desired images and inscriptions, after creating or cutting them.
  3. Find the Animation window and click on it. You will see a window for working with animation, on it you will be able to see the "visible layers".
  4. Using the "Create a copy of the selected frames" button, duplicate the picture the required number of times. Take, for example, three.
  5. On the first picture, remove the inscription and leave only the picture.
  6. In the last picture, respectively, we remove the picture and add a picture instead.
  7. Now you need to set the duration for each frame separately (most often it is one).
  8. In the drop-down menu, set the action "Constantly", if you want this to be the way the future gif works.
  9. After all done, click "Start playing animation".
  10. If you are satisfied with the final result, save in .gif format in "Save for WEB and devices ..".

For more information, read the article How to make animation in Photoshop.

Gif portals

If, after reading the article, we do gif-animations on our own, then you can always use gif-portals, where you can find a gif in your own taste.

  • . Popular portal with gifs, which allows you to find gifs on the desired topic.
  • . The site is full of sparkles and glowing hearts, cats moving their tails and sparkling inscriptions, huge thematic sections. Also besides gifs you can find dividers and cards.

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