How to make a needle bed of old lipstick with your own hands?

If your lipstick is over, do not rush to throw the tube out from under it. It can be used and turned into a needle bed that fits in any, even a small handbag. And in this way, the needle bed is always at hand: at work, study, rest or traveling.

Materials and tools:

- a case of a lipstick;

- glue moment;

- foam rubber (you can use a piece of sponge for washing dishes);

- cotton buds;

- scissors;

1. Clear the case from the remnants of the old lipstick with cotton swabs. Clear until the lipstick on the bottom of the case is almost gone. If there is a little bit, nothing terrible, it will not hurt us.

2. Take a small piece of foam rubber and cut it at the edges with scissors. Check that it fits in the case. If it doesn’t fit, cut the edges of the foam rubber yet.

3. Squeeze out a little glue on the base of the lipstick and on the foam rubber itself. We put the foam into the base of the lipstick and press it to the base. We are waiting for the foam to stick to the lipstick.

4.We make it so that a little foam rubber can be seen from the lipstick, the rest is cut off, first straight, then at an angle and it turns out smooth and beautiful. We insert needles with threads in foam rubber.

5. Thread winding around the needles and close the lipstick case with a lid.

Our lipstick from the lipstick is ready, put it in her purse.

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