How to make a pool on the site

You will need
  • - building level;
  • - tape measure;
  • - ropes;
  • - stones of different sizes;
  • - wire for reinforcement;
  • - special small sized stakes;
  • - a grid on the basis of a steel wire;
  • - the valve locking water;
  • - boards;
  • - screws and nails with rust protection;
  • - sand and cement;
  • - materials for waterproofing;
  • - shovel;
  • - tool for soil tamping.
First of all, it is important to find the most suitable place for the pool on your site. This place must necessarily be not only open, but preferably without trees nearby. After all, trees are not only a shadow, but also garbage from their vital activity. You also do not need to do your pool in low-lying areas, because all the rainwater will be in your pond.
It is necessary to determine the exact area and shape of the future pool. The dimensions of the future basin depend directly on how many people it is built for. A family of 5-6 people needs a much larger pool than, for example, a family of 2. As practice shows, the optimal depth of the pool is 180 cm with a length and width of 400 cm.
With the help of the construction roulette, the future construction site is marked, where the dimensions of all sides of the pool should be 50 cm more. Borders are marked with small stakes, on which a rope is stretched.
Now for the construction of a concrete pool you need to dig a pit of the desired depth. It is important to ensure that the walls of the future pool are even and the bottom is 30 cm lower than your desired depth. Keep in mind that the bottom should have a small slope.
The construction of any type of pool implies the obligatory laying of a sand layer with a thickness of 20-30 cm. At the same time, each of the layers must be carefully tamped, because the waterproofing material is laid on them. Not bad for waterproofing suitable bitumen roofing material, which is not only practical and reliable, but also low cost. Stones are laid on the waterproofing, and on them are metal rods or metal reinforcing mesh.
Not only the trench is important, but also the creation of a special drainage pit, the depth of the latter should exceed the intended depth of the basin. A drain pipe is installed in the drainage pit, the end of which is to be located in the pool, and a valve is installed, by which you can shut off the water. Such a pit wakes up from above with a gravel layer of about 30 cm, after which overflow and skimmer systems for water purification are mounted.
Now, along the entire perimeter of the future pool, the armature bars are installed with a distance of 30 cm between them. At the same time, retreating from the edge at the level of 5 cm, all the armature must be bonded together with a wire. Planks are required in order to fold the formwork panels. Boards are installed inside the pit with a distance of 15 cm from the land wall.
Concreting the pool is carried out with the help of cement. Cement mixture while pouring out as slowly as possible. After complete drying of the concrete, you can take up the installation work. And if you want to make your pool very similar to a natural pond, you can pour clean river sand 15 cm thick at its bottom.

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