How to make a sheep from felt, pompons and other materials

You will need
  • -felt
  • - pompony
  • - napkin for decoupage
  • -sisal
  • -cardboard
  • -glue
  • -acrylic lacquer
  • -kistochka
  • -decorative elements
  • glue gun
In order to make a New Year's lamb out of felt and pompons, find a sheep pattern on the Internet. Print it on the printer, cut along the contour. Pick up a multi-colored felt. Spread out the patterns, circle the details and cut with scissors. Pick a fabric suitable for the base. It can be a felt of a contrasting color or a terry cloth of green color, which perfectly imitates weed. Glue the sheep on the base. If you want to make a panel, insert it into the frame or attach it with a stapler to the frame.
Glue pompons to the body and head of a sheep.
Thus you can make a souvenir, pendant or Christmas crafts out of felt and pompons. Make an awl two holes on the head of a lamb, pass the cord.
-kak-sdelatat-ovechku - iz-fetra -pomponov
In order to make a lamb with your own hands using decoupage technique, take a decoupage napkin with the image of a lamb and a wooden base with two holes. Cover the tree with white primer. Wait until dry. Separate the two lower layers from the napkin and paste the napkin through the file onto the board. After the napkin is dry, circle the white outline of the flowers and the red core. Brush apply acrylic varnish. Attach glue eyes with rotating pupils to the sheep, thread green raffia into the holes on the board.
-kak-sdelatat-ovechku - iz-fetra -pomponov
In order to make a craft with a lamb, cut along the contour of cardboard the silhouette of a sheep. Roll the white sisal balls. Before work, you need to moisten it, so it will be easy to work with it. After the balls have dried, stick them on the body of a sheep. Glue the glue eyes, decorate the sheep with a bow, attach the cord. Christmas hack ready.

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