How to make a stove in oil

The principle of operation of the oil furnace is based on the chemical oxidation reaction of the vapor of the used engine oil (transformer, engine, shock absorber, transmission) oxygen in the air with the mandatory presence of a catalyst. A chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the heating element. It differs from the usual burning, but it emits a lot of heat.
Helpful advice
The following substances should not be contained in the oil used for the stove: solvents, gasoline, acetone. With a good level of burning, the stove emits a small hum, and the oil burns completely without generating smoke, therefore nothing is emitted from the flame tube. The furnace emits a large amount of heat and allows you to heat the room almost free of charge. To clean the oil tank, move the heat pipe a few centimeters into the flue receiving pipe, then remove the cover.

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