How to make a wine from plums at home

How to make a wine from plums at home

How to make a wine from plums at home

At home, people usually cook wines from apples or berries (currants, cherries), while completely forgetting about such a beautiful fruit as plum. Wines from plum fruits are no less remarkable than apple or cherry spirits.


In addition, homemade plum wine is an excellent tool for the prevention of heart disease and diseases of the circulatory system. Below are a few recipes for making homemade plum wine in ordinary living conditions. It is worth noting immediately that it is undesirable to use store juice for making wine from plums.


Two recipes for making delicious plum wine: with and without yeast


Method of preparation without yeast:10 kilograms of plums, 1-1.2 kilograms of sugar, 1-1.5 liters of boiled water.


Fruits plum carefully to sort, choosing only ripe, juicy specimens without damage. Then rinse, dry well and then remove the stones in each drain.Prepare a 10-liter bottle, put all the prepared plums into it and pour boiled water. It is recommended using a wooden spoon to gently mash the fruit in the bottle. Leave the container with plums and water in a warm place for about 4-5 days.


After a few days, pour the infusion from the container into another clean container, carefully squeeze the plum fruit pulp and also add to the container, put sugar and stir with a clean wooden spoon. To do the shutter with the help of a nylon cover and a tube or to buy a ready-made kit in the store (ask for the “water shutter”). Store the bottle in a dark place at normal room temperature for about 50 days. After bottling the wine and leave for another 3-4 months in order for the wine to flow.


Yeast Method:2 kilograms of plums, a pack of yeast, 2-2.5 kilograms of sugar and 4 liters of boiling water.


Pick and rinse the plums, then pour boiling water, mix and squeeze with force with a spoon (it is best to use a wooden one). Put in a warm secluded place for 8-10 days. During this time, mold is formed, which should be removed after a specified time. Insist then strain into another container, add granulated sugar and yeast.


Close the container with plum infusion with a lid and leave for three days warm, while carefully stirring the contents every day. After three days, as a rule, the wine can already be poured into cans or bottles, but really it will be ready ... only after six months, or even 9-10 months! The longer the wine will stand, the richer its taste will be.


How to make plum wine - quick recipes


Put ripe plums (preferably, varieties “Hungarian”) into a large, large bottle (10 or 20 l) and fill them with 50-degree vodka, then seal the bottle tightly and leave in a warm place for 5-6 weeks.


Then drain the juice, and add sugar to the top of the container to the top or prepare a syrup - 300-400 g of granulated sugar to 1.5 liters of water. After two weeks, drain the syrup and mix with the previously separated juice. Filter and bottle, tightly plug. Plum wine will be ready in six months.


Wine from red plums


1. 4 kilograms of plums pour boiling water. Time of insisting: about four days. Then strain the infusion well.
2. Add 6 glasses of granulated sugar, lemon juice (two lemons are enough).Place the container with plum infusion in a warm place. After 2.5-3 weeks carefully stir a wooden spoon. Leave for another 3 days.
3. Filter the infusion using a very thin cloth, fill the bottle or barrel to the very top. Tightly close the container and store for 5 months. Once the wine is ready, pour into bottles and place in a refrigerator or cellar.


Take note:


  • The ideal raw material for plum wine is the wild “sloe” plum;
  • plums must necessarily be ripe or overripe;
  • the combination of "Hungarian" and yellow plum gives a delicious rose wine.

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