How to make beautiful eyebrows without problems?

Beautiful eyebrows are the most important element of a woman’s appearance that looks after herself. Eyebrows are able to give the appearance of highlight, and spoil the face. A person receives the main amount of information with the help of his eyes, communicating with his interlocutor, we look into his eyes and eyebrows. Even the most attractive look does not make a man speak with a woman whose eyebrows are in terrible condition.

The fashion for eyebrows in different years of human development was different. For example, in the 30s it was fashionable to have very thin eyebrows, and better - drawn with a pencil, in the 80s came the fashion for natural, that is, with minimal correction. It must be remembered that no matter what form dictates fashion, the main thing is that it suits you.

Looking for the perfect shape

Correct edges can be obtained with the help of correction. In some cases, women become victims of unsuccessful correction, made either independently or not by a professional master. Here in such moments it becomes clear how much eyebrows can change the appearance.

Correction refers to the change in shape, thickness and color.The correct change of eyebrows can rejuvenate you for a couple of years, make the look more open.

Before starting the procedure, you need to find out what your face shape is and choose a line depending on it. Owners oval face, fit eyebrows in the form of an arc. For ladies with a square face, the best shape will be arcuate, for chubby ones - elevated.

After you have decided on the form, think about their width, thickness and length. The length of the eyebrows depends on the individual features of the face. It cannot be said that eyebrows must necessarily be 5 cm long. Just when choosing a form and length, there is one rule: the rule of three points.

We take a pencil, apply it with one end to the wing of the nose, so that it passes through the outer corner of the eye and “lays down” on the eyebrow. The point at which the pencil touches the edge will be the end point. Unnecessary delete.

To determine the starting point, it is necessary to move the pencil to the inner corner of the eye. Where the pencil touched the eyebrow, there will be its beginning.

For the correct formation of the bend, you need to determine the point of "vertex". We will need the same pencil, it must be attached to the center of the upper lip, so that it passes through the pupil and eyebrow.

The color should be identical with the natural color of the hair roots.Blondes will not fit black, they will age. And brunettes have bright eyebrows are not noticeable.

Correction can be performed at home, but for the first time it is better to trust the professionals.

How to pull out

The main tool for changing eyebrows is tweezers. It should be of high quality, comfortable, Also, for the correction will need cotton swabs, alcohol, cream and eyebrow brush.

Start the procedure is to prepare the skin. Since the procedure is quite painful it is better for 10 minutes, apply cotton wool dipped in cold water to the eyebrows.

Next, you need to wash your hands, brush the tweezers with alcohol and you can proceed to the procedure. When removing hairs, you need to slightly tighten the skin, pull them out in the direction of growth, you need to destroy those hairs that do not fall into the contour that you previously selected. After completing the correction, wipe the skin with lotion.

Consider that for some time the skin around the eyebrows will be red, plan the procedure in such a way that after it you do not need to hurry anywhere.

Women need to know that eyebrows need daily care, as well as other parts of the face and body. They need to be cleaned every day and combed with a special comb.

Perfect eyebrows are not difficult to get, for this you do not need to apply sophisticated technology.Each time the correction procedure will pass less painfully. The sensitivity of these parts of the skin will decrease. After repeating the procedure several times you will carry it faster. Remember that even natural eyebrows need to be adjusted and corrected.

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