How to make homemade masks to strengthen hair

Birch foliage is the most common source of raw materials for cosmetics that strengthens hair at home and is the most accessible in our band. The structure of this "green doctor" includes acids, useful to health and beauty, phytoncides, flavonoids, essential oil. But in order to create the most effective caring and healing agents, it is important to follow a number of rules:

  • to collect leaves, you must select those trees that grow away from industrial areas, landfills, roads and railways;
  • the highest concentration of phytoncides falls on the period until about the end of June - the leaves collected during this time will have a real multivitamin effect;
  • you should not break the branches of the tree, as well as clean the leaves from them - the barbaric attitude to yourself Nature does not forgive and the benefits of cosmetics prepared on such "raw materials" will also be little.It is recommended to take a few leaves from the selected branch and then move on to the next one, without leaving behind a bare whip;
  • to dry the harvested material to be in the shade, pour it on a clean cloth or sheets of paper. The important point is that in the process of drying the leaves emit disinfectants into the air, providing dual health benefits;
  • storing dried leaves must be either in paper bags or in cardboard boxes - in polyethylene the leaves quickly begin to sweep and lose all their valuable properties.

The effect of birch leaves on the hair

For a long time, birch leaves are not without reason considered to be the best means of ensuring hair growth, strengthening and improving the scalp: tannins eliminate dandruff; ascorbic acid protects against UV rays; minerals prevent the formation of split strands; The essential oil gives the curls natural shine and softness.

But, as with the use of any cosmetic product, it is important to remember about contraindications:

  • Do not use leaves, buds, birch bark or birch sap in the presence of allergic reactions to these components;
  • for people with very sensitive skin, birch cosmetics may cause irritation; It is recommended to conduct a preliminary sensitivity test, causing a few drops of decoction or infusion to bend the elbow;
  • natural blondes should take into account that rinse with birch foliage has a cumulative coloring effect and can give the hair a darker shade.

Recipes for hair strengthening:

Balm conditioner for strengthening and growth of hair

Approximately 20-30 g of cut birch leaves (both fresh and dry leaves can be used), pour a glass of boiling water over the glass, draw it under the lid until it cools, then filter and carefully squeeze the wet leaves. Infusion is used in a concentrated form for rinsing hair after shampooing.

Broth to strengthen the weakened hair roots.

A handful of dry birch leaves pour 0.5 liters of filtered soft water and boil over very low heat for no more than 12-15 minutes. The resulting broth is cooled, filtered through a gauze or a fine sieve and gently rubbed into the hair roots with soft massaging movements. Does not require flushing.

Tincture of birch leaves from all types of dandruff and hair loss.

A glass of fresh leaves, torn by hand into small pieces (the use of metal cutting objects is not recommended), is poured to the top with good quality vodka or diluted with alcohol. Mixture insist for two weeks, placing the container with the leaves in a cool place and not allowing exposure to direct sunlight. After the expiration of the desired period, the infusion is filtered and stored in a glass opaque vessel.

To ensure the stimulation of hair growth, alcohol tincture is rubbed into the roots 2-3 times a week for 30 days. After a break of 4 weeks, the course can be repeated.

Oil for loose, damaged hair

A handful of lightly dried in the sun, but not completely dried leaves tightly placed in a glass jar and pour one cup of unscented corn oil. The jar is tightly closed with a lid and left in the sun. Thus, the oil is kept for about a week, occasionally shaking the jar, after it is removed in a dark place where the agent must be left for another two weeks.

The finished oil is filtered through a filter cloth and used as a mask, applying it first on the roots, and then on the entire length of the hair before washing the head.Warm the head with a towel and leave the mask to soak for 30-40 minutes, after which the composition is gently rinsed with warm soft (preferably boiled) water using neutral shampoo.

As a conditioner it is recommended to use a decoction of birch leaves.

Lovers of bath procedures using birch brooms can be advised an old recipe: when steaming a dry broom in boiling water, you should not then pour out the remaining water, since it can be used to rinse hair after washing.

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