How to make money without the Internet?

You were fired from work, and you do not know where to find a new salary? Then go in search of a new job. Now it is very popular to look for work on the Internet, but is it possible to earn money without the Internet due to its absence for any reason? Let's look at several options that will allow you to earn good money.

Work in the specialty

Get settled on a new job that you can find with the help of newspapers and magazines announcing vacancies. If you can not find a job in the specialty, sign up for courses and get an additional specialty that will allow you to get a high-paying job.

Own business

In order to make money, you can open your own business, for example, a shop selling stationery or a bakery. Developing and complementing your business, you will achieve not only success, but also be able to live well and comfortably.

Hobby work

If you have a favorite hobby, then you can easily make a decent income out of it. For example, you embroider a beautiful cross.In this case, make a few paintings or drawings and put them on sale. Or, as a child, you are very well carved on wood - then do some unique works. When business will bring money, you can thus create your own business.

Nanny nurse

Do you have kids in the neighborhood, and moms complain that there is no one to leave the children in the evenings? Offer them your services, and spend a few hours with the children while their mothers are busy working. Thus, you will get a good income and have a good time with the children, playing with them and developing them.

Another type of income in this category is the work of a nurse in elderly or sick people.


If you are very well versed in a particular industry or several industries, offer your services in the field of teaching these subjects. Ads can be given in advertising newspapers or put up on advertising stands independently.

Work on the phone

You can earn money working as an operator on the phone. Many companies recruit employees to alert their customers about new arrivals and promotions or to replenish their customer base through telephone conversations. This vacancy allows you to be at home all the time and at the same time make money.


Take care of gardening. In the summer, you can grow seedlings, vegetables and fruits at your summer cottage and deliver products to vegetable tents, and during the cold season you can start growing home ornamental plants and negotiate with the owners of flower shops about product sales. You can open your store and professionally engage in the cultivation of flowers.


Try yourself as an insurance agent. Many companies are happy to take on freelance workers. In this case, earnings depend on you and are not limited, and your education does not matter.

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