How to make tea fragrant and healthy?

Autumn is the time for spiritual tea parties with family and friends. And when you want to extend the summer, the best way to wake up its aroma and taste is to brew dried or fresh herbs with tea, which will not only give the drink great taste, but also make it as healthy as possible.

How do tea manufacturers flavor?

Herbs for tea
Herbs for tea

Tea itself is tasty, fragrant and healthy, but only if it is fresh and of sufficiently high quality. Traditionflavoring tea�has a long history. These supplements, of course, natural, always played the role of the second violin, complementing, but not interrupting, the rich taste and aroma of tea. In China, these are the traditional petals of flowers - jasmine, lotus, osmanthus, roses, chrysanthemums and others. In England, tea with bergamot oil is popular, according to legend, obtained by chance. In Russia, tea with mint, thyme and hunter has always been popular. And also exclusively Russian invention - tea with lemon.

In modern retail chains there is a separate class of teas with additives or flavors. Usually,this is not quite fresh tea (a year or two from the date of collection) and of low quality,�gaining a second lifethanks to artificial flavors.�Modern manufacturers of tea flavored it in four main ways:

  • synthetic flavors,
  • natural oils or essences,
  • flavors with the addition of natural berries and flowers,
  • natural ingredients (aromatic herbs, berries, and flowers).

With the first two methods, everything is clear: all manufacturers write the composition of the product on the package. The personal business of the buyer is to drink tea with �flavors identical to natural ones�, or to search for more expensive, but really natural flavored teas. Unfortunately, the demand for tea flavored with oils is very small, so it is unprofitable to produce it.

The third way to flavor tea is the most treacherous. Usually these teas are sold by weight, and there is no information on the ingredients on their packaging. The buyer sees that the tea contains pieces of berries, fruits, petals and herbs, and does not even think that this is just a good marketing move. Natural ingredients mask the use of artificial flavors.To verify this, buy in bulk some tea flavored with, for example, orange or strawberry. Prepare your own similar mixture, brew and compare the taste and aroma. The natural blend will be far from the saturation of flavored tea. Draw your own conclusions.

Tea additives have always existed in Russia, long before the actual appearance of tea. Our ancestors brewed fragrant herbs to warm up, improve their health or cheer up. And today flavored teas can be made independently and, most importantly, with health benefits. After all, for ourselves we will use only the best and natural ingredients.Consider the most common ones.

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