How to make tree zone pristvolnuyu

Making a tree zone can be a good idea for garden design. This place can be decorated in different ways.

The first option is the use of decorative mulch. Shredded colored tree bark or coconut chips are suitable here.

Another option, the most striking one, is to plant flowers under the trees. Such beds, in addition to decorative, also have a practical function - they allow you to save space on the site. But here it is important to follow some rules. First, some plants should not interfere with the growth and development of another. And secondly, you need to know that not all the trees can be planted herbaceous plants. Trees such as hazel produce in the soil substances that have a detrimental effect on them. In addition, you need to take into account that it is desirable to plant shade-tolerant plants under the trees. There are a lot of them, so there should be no problems with their choice.

Plants for tree trunks

To the shade-tolerant plants that can be planted under the crowns of trees, you can include forget-me-not, periwinkle, pansies, stonecrop, daisies, snowdrops. From the ornamental deciduous plants for the design of pristvolnyh beds you can take the hosts, geyhery, ferns. In addition to the beauty that the flowers planted under the trees will give, some of them will also help in the fight against garden pests. For example, marigolds, nasturtium or calendula planted in the root zone of a cherry or apple tree, will protect these trees from the invasion of aphids.

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