How to make wishes for the New Year to be fulfilled

A week before the New Year usually passes in thoughts about the results of the year of the departed. What was done, to which the hands did not reach, and which dreams remained written down on a piece of paper. And probably, you are sometimes tormented by the question: why is everything that we think for a year forgotten? Is this holiday just a formality? Guessing, dreaming, choking on a note in a glass of champagne and forgetting. Until next year. No! Let's think together what we are doing wrong, why we are moving away from the right planned path and what we all want.

Smaller scale plans, more small ones.

Let's start with the fact that we outline a plan of tasks, broken down by months. Well, for example, in January we set ourselves a single goal and concentrate on it. Next month - another. During this period, do not scroll through all the rest in your head. There is January, there is your plan - work on it. In trying to succeed in several endeavors, you run the risk of running into a desire to engage with any undertakings and return to the familiar comfort zone with a small but familiar course of action.This is not surprising: when we think, but do not, we are faced with banal discomfort and even disappointment. Plans seem inaccessible just because of their number. All power in phasing. For example, January is the month dedicated to watching the “new wave” films. Why exactly this? Suppose you are a film fan, but you feel the gaps in the viewed masterpieces. Familiar with Truffaut's classics, but did not watch the films of Claude Chabrol. Believe me, you will continue to want, until you plan.

It will be strange to put yourself in a plan for January is a new sport for you or experiments with proper nutrition. But, on the other hand, lovers of thrills and real experiments can afford it. In the end, no one forces you to spend all the holidays in an embrace with Olivier. All fitness clubs and other sports sections open quite early, and nothing prevents Olivier from making dietary meals. For example, with squid meat instead of sausage and Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. So it is with the rest of the hangers.

How to make wishes for the New Year to be fulfilled

Which year remind yourself more to read? Well, here we must act slowly and not frighten ourselves with the list of references as before the exam.You can approach the task, starting from, for example, the author. Month Francoise Sagan - as an option. And how many novels - it does not matter. Scatter authors for the first half of the year and follow the list. So quietly you get involved and start reading with great excitement, desire and pleasure. The most beautiful thing is that all these microplans and tasks can be easily combined in one month with each other. But start with two or three, so that again you will not be afraid of your own mobility in terms and goals.

As for learning languages, this is one of the most common plans that we set for ourselves, but here everything is a little more complicated. And because we most often do not understand why we need this language. If you are convinced that you still need it, then be puzzled by the format of the study. Did you go to groups more than once and without success? Do not repeat the traversed, but try a new format. For example, you can choose a teacher for every taste - from a guy from London who looks like a rock guitarist to a diligent student from Kiev with minimal payment for lessons. Choose and do on Skype. To be faithful, you can pay for classes a month in advance so that your February or March under the motto “Learning a language” takes place.

As for the other plans, they can be just as real.Does it make sense to plan a trip to Peru, if you have not been to Israel, for example? Think about the month in which you can easily take a vacation or a few days off. Imagine the company you want to be there. And act. But after the implementation of the "light" plan, you can start a more cherished plan - planning to visit even Africa, even Antarctica. Realization of the available goals, gaining small victories gives us significant strength. What is just useful for the following "dreams."

Have you long wanted to learn something simple and applied? Or to tighten the story or to penetrate into the new sphere? Open the website of "Open Education" or an online resource like it, where you can sign up for the course you like and complete it for free. The most important thing to realize is your true desire. And not just pounce on the beautiful language about the study of modern art or the theory of fashion. Zoology of vertebrates, genetics, psycholinguistics - devote the next year to new knowledge. At the end of your pride course there will be no limit!

How to make wishes for the New Year to be fulfilled

Today's time is great for new personal discoveries and is very, very accessible, diverse in possibilities.Before you enter a university in the hope of getting a second degree, you can try his elementary disciplines. And practice and your honest immersion in the studied subjects is much more valuable than any diploma.

Summarizing, we can say that an effective plan is a concrete plan. Let's no longer wish for ourselves to "become kinder" and "find your love." After all, in the first case everything just depends on your actions. Becoming kinder is just about changing tactics of behavior and about a set of completely specific actions. Do not be rude, do not be rude, call parents, transfer money to the needy. Choose where you want to upgrade your skills, and plan exactly these tasks. As for love, work on your own readiness for it. Most often in such cases, it is simply absent. We take a sheet, write a list of all that you want to get to gain confidence, acceptance of yourself, open expression of emotions. And "guessing" the most important.

Share your plans

An important point: tell your close friends about your plans. So you become more responsible to them. Remember all your appointments with your girlfriend this year.What have you been discussing all these twelve months? Future. "I'm going to," "I want to," "but to me." Imagine that, by carrying out any trifles, you will achieve what your next meeting will take in stories about the present. Finally, isn't it? Another good idea could be a flash mob or diary, the results of which are worthy of posts on your social networks. With their help, you clearly observe your actions and, most importantly, the results. And, of course, nothing motivates as much as the likes, right?

How to make wishes for the New Year to be fulfilled

Thank the outgoing year without deep analysis and criticism

Gratitude is an incredible catalyst for happiness. It will sound pathetic, but, thanks to fate, for everything that you have, every day, you become happier. Probably because the reminders of your values ​​work better than an alarm clock or a cold shower. Remind yourself in the bustle of the day, what happiness is really all that surrounds you. That traffic jam is not a nightmare, but a precious time to think about really important things or listen to a cool song. That eternally dissatisfied child may convey your emotions, but tomorrow you will pay more attention to this and will try to sincerely enjoy the little things together.That if friends do not call, then, probably, they really have a lot of things to do or they have twirled in their personal lives. Last year, I promised myself not to take offense at them and stop analyzing their behavior. The result is stunning, really. I feel that I love each of them more and more brightly. I can see more clearly what actually connects us, and this is certainly not the frequency of meetings. I get incredible support and attention, which I did not notice before. Give thanks for each person who is dear and close to you. And do not forget to give in return. Even one single desire - not to offend anyone - will entail a qualitative change in life. So do not forget to write down on the piece of paper those wishes that will be directly related to your spiritual growth and inner harmony. And in this direction, do not deny yourself anything, because this is the same area where everything is possible.

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