How to make your eyes more beautiful

You will need
  • - Base makeup;
  • - shades of basic colors;
  • - Eyeliner;
  • - curling lashes;
  • - mascara;
  • - proofreader;
  • - highlighter;
  • - transparent powder.
To make cosmetics go flat and did not disappear in a few hours after application, use a fixative base under makeup. Apply it on the cleaned skin of the eyelids and under the eyes, gently hammering with fingertips. Do not use fat creams - makeup will fall unevenly.
Select the appropriate base shadows. They can be cream or powdery. The former are more suitable for dry and the latter for normal or oily skin of the eyelids. Owners of very fair skin will wear shades of cream or champagne. Dark-skinned girls should try on the shadow of beige or purple gamma. If the skin under the eyes has a reddish undertone, discard the makeup of red-brown and pinkish tones - it will only emphasize the lack. Try greenish or gray shades.
Hide fine wrinkles and bruises under a layer of soft yellowish-beige concealer. Do not seek to cover up the shortcomings of a dense layer of funds. Apply it easily by hammering with your fingertips.It is better to choose an oil-free corrector containing reflective particles. Lightly powder the skin with a transparent loose powder and brush the excess with eyebrows and eyelashes.
A soft pencil of a brown, gray or gray-black shade will help to emphasize a beautiful eye shape. Circle their eyes at the very roots of the eyelashes, and then blend the lines with an applicator. In the outer corner add a little more color. It will be necessary only to make up eyelashes - the fashionable and simple make-up is ready.
Want to add shine? Touch the inner corner of the eye with light golden shadows or highlighter. A small touch can be applied under the brow - it will make the look bright. Refresh the squirrels will help pearl-white waterproof pencil - gently bring them mucous.
If your eyelashes are too straight, curl them with forceps. After that, apply a voluminous black color to the hairs or extension mascara. Choosing fashionable color mascara, give preference to dark versions - eggplant, deep blue, chocolate. Too bright and light mascara optically reduces the eyes and shortens the eyelashes.

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