How to meet a guy. How to start dating a guy

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How to start dating a guy

How to meet a guy



It is usually believed that to get acquainted first, to offer a relationship, should a man, but how to get acquainted with a girl right on the street, in social networks we already wrote, read for general development. The phrase: “Allow me to meet you!” Usually, even experienced Don Juan does not use such a primitive attempt at dating, women should be more creative in art like meeting a guy. Get into the right tips from our site. An acquaintance, of course, happens “by chance”. It is better if you get acquainted with a common cause, or through friends and acquaintances. Firstly, if a man chosen by you disappoints you, you can always reduce the relationship that has arisen to “no”, secondly, it is through communication of a new acquaintance with other people that you quickly recognize him and decide whether you like him or not, whetherstart dating this guy.


After passing the “how to meet a guy” stage, there is a so-called period of courtship, which impliesfurther meetings,datingfor closer acquaintance with each other.


Considering the courtship ritual, it should be noted that he does not necessarily mean further marriage. This, as a rule, is not always well understood by young girls. The culture of the relationship between a man and a woman requires mutual trust and sincerity, and the culture of further intimate relationships requires love. If you love, you will not be able to deceive, offend, or hurt your loved one, and therefore only two will decide: “Is it love or not?” Now we will figure everything outstep by stepand we will start to consider the situation after the period "how to meet a guy».


How to invite a guy to meet. Tips for meeting



A girl should not offer a guy to meet, he must find the strength to say it himself. In your power to him about this transparent hint, meet his eyes, accidentally come across. When you see, say hello and smile, make up a request for him and say thatwill not be indebted. Act cunning if the guy is not completely hopeless, then he will notice your predisposition and try to meet with you, invite you on a date. In this case, you do not need to know how to invite the guy to meet. Let's move on to the next stage - how to start dating a guy, the details and specifics of meetings, what you need to pay attention to.Read helpful tipsand draw conclusions.


How to start dating a guy. Start of relationship



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How to start dating a guy

Assigning the place and time of the meeting, you must be accurate. Usually girls and women should choose, but if they are in a difficult situation, a young man or a man can offer several options formeeting placesfrom which she will choose.


Going on a date, be sure to consider whether you will have to run headlong, whether you will have time to bring your appearance in order. Usually a real gentleman should not be late, and a girl, a woman should wait. But in the modern world there are small exceptions. If before a date you were in another meeting that you could not leave and your partner knows that you can stay, then he should wait. It is desirable that the delay does not exceed 15-30 minutes.


Determine how well a man treats you after several meetings with him. If he comes on a date on time, he is clean and tidy, he smiles happily and sincerely, is interested in your affairs, but does not forget to tell about himself (where he lives, what he does), is courteous, remembers your habits, what you like, and whenever possible gives gifts, this is a good sign of the development of your relationship. Check how much he is interested in you can and once in the peer company.


If his attention is not weakened and the young man does not hide the fact that among a multitude of girls he prefers you, then this is great, you are closer to answering the question of how to start dating a guy you like.


Time- The most faithful assistant in checking the feelings of both yours and your partner. But do not over-delay acquaintance during the period of courtship. Firstly, if you are in doubt, it is better to part with the fan, until the moment when he or you get used to it. And if you are in love with him, then do not be too cold, because he may well decide that he has nothing to hope for, no reason to meet and leave you.But just do not follow him! Even if your heart is bursting with love, remember that a real lady should always keep her dignity and "If the bride goes to another, it is not known who was lucky."


How to start dating a guy. Subtleties



Never become a slave, even if you think your loved one likes it. Submission and forgiveness quickly get bored.


Do not lock in your interests only on personal relationships with your loved one. He must get used to and understand that besides him, you can be passionate about something else.


Few people now like that a modern girl is sitting at home all day, doing nothing, thinking abouthow to meet a guyand how to start dating him. Your lover should be for you not a substitute for parents and not cared for, for some reason you are constantly doing some things, but those with whom you are interested and pleasant to go through life for a long or short period. It is absolutely normal that after some time of acquaintance you will face the question of intimate relationships. Men, as a rule, always want everything at once. Only especially sensual or experienced understand that any woman, girl, as well as yourself must be prepared for a lessonhaving sex. A loving guy can wait if you are not ready yet.


It is better if you approach the intimate relationship gradually. Especially when joining them your first experience and you recently met a guy and started dating. It is advisable to find out how the partner is aware of sexual issues, how he will react to your possible pregnancy, as well as protection against sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.


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How to start dating a guy who likes

On the intimate side of the issue, we will describe in detail in the next, but for now let us return to the question of love. All tips: to love or not to love? - are completely empty. Although there is a statement that smart people learn from the mistakes of others, but this does not mean at all that you will completely avoid them. If you are destined to become a victim of "fatal", "unhappy" love, and your suffering will seem unbearable to you, remember the best moments in life, and also that fate can not but give you a holiday or joy, especially if you alreadymet a guyandstarted datinglonger than a few months.


Try to escape from your suffering. Think up and believe for a short period in some sweet lie, telling yourself that as far as she is true you will understand tomorrow.Over time, of course, you will admit to yourself that you have been deceiving yourself, but believe me, it will not be so painful anymore, other events, acquaintances will enter your life and make it more interesting.


In addition, for girls and women suffering from love, we still give one piece of advice: read the classic literature of love. She will help you understand the relationship with your partner, in your own feelings. It is better to shed tears over the tragedy of the hero invented by the writer than over his own destiny. Remember, while you live, it is not finished and love is not miserable, but as the famous French writer O. Balzac wrote: “There are chasms that love cannot overcome, no matter how strong its wings are.” In psychology, there are 6 types of love:


  1. EROS - passionate, exclusive love-passion, seeking to complete physical possession;
  2. LYDUS - love-game, without the depth of feelings and easily related to treason;
  3. STAGE - quiet, warm, reliable love - friendship;
  4. PRAGLE — intelligent, easily calculated conscious love;
  5. MANIA is love-obsession, for which uncertainty and dependence on the object of attraction are typical;
  6. AGAPE - selfless love-dedication.


Now you know more about how to meet a guy, if he “slows down” and how to start meeting with the guy you like.

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