How to open a file in the editor

Open the editor program and press the CTRL + O key combination. These “hot keys” are used by an absolute majority of programs to launch the standard file search dialog and load them into the editor. This key combination, as a rule, duplicates the “Open” item placed in the menu, which should be searched for in the “File” section.
Find the file you want to load into the editor using the open standard dialog. To navigate through the structure of disks and directories in your computer and connected network resources, it usually uses a drop-down list next to the “Folder” label - it is located at the top edge of the open dialog boxfile. There is an alternative way to get there.filein the standard dialog - enter the full path to the required file in the Name field copied somewhere (for example, in the address bar of the Explorer)file».
Click the "Open" button after the desired file is found.Some editors add additional options to the standard dialog - for example, in the graphicalto the editorAdobe Photoshop can see the thumbnail image contained in the selected file. This helps to make sure that the file you need is selected before clicking the Open button.
There are other ways of opening files that are universal for most editors — for example, almost all modern editors support dragging files from one program window to another. This allows you to find the desired file using Explorer and drag it into the open editor window. You can drag the desired file from the desktop into the editor window.
During installation, many editors place additional items on the program menu that are related to the types of files that this editor works with. Therefore, for example, having installed an HTML editor, you can find the “View in HTML-to the editor”, Which will automatically launch this editor and load the file opened in the browser into it. The same items are added by the program editors to the context menu of Windows Explorer, so for loadingfileIn the editor it is enough to click it with the right mouse button and select the item with the name of the editor.

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