How to open a hidden folder?

In the Windows operating system (OS), there are so-called hidden folders and files that are not displayed among public folders and files either on the hard disk of the computer or on various media (flash drives, external drives, etc.). However, it happens that the user needs to access them. How to open hidden folders in Windows? Consider a few cases: with Windows XP, Windows 7, as well as a universal way with the program Total Commander - a great PC resource manager.

How to open hidden folders xp

This is done in two ways: through the "Explorer" Windows and through the "Control Panel". In the first case, double-click on “My Computer” (usually this shortcut is on the desktop) or simultaneously click Win + E. Now in the top menu, select the item "Service", and there - "Folder Options." In the window that opens, select "View" and find there the item "Show hidden folders and files." Here click “Apply” and then “OK”. In the second case, open the "Start" menu (on the desktop in the lower left corner) and go to the "Control Panel", where you can select the "Folder Options" section. Next, find the same items as in the first menu: “View” - “Show hidden ...” - “Apply” - “OK”.That's all - now you will see hidden folders. I note that they will be displayed in the form of translucent icons, so that they can be distinguished from the public ones. Usually, these are system files and you can change and delete them only if you know exactly what you are doing - otherwise some programs, or even the entire system may stop running, be sure to consider this. Well, now let's talk about Windows 7, open hidden folders, in which it is also not difficult, because the method of action is about the same, so we will describe only some differences.

How to open hidden folders Windows 7

In the “Seven” in the “Control Panel” there is a corresponding section called “Folder Options”, and the item in the “Folder Properties” is “Show hidden folders, files and disks”. If you want to do the same through Explorer, the top menu in Win 7 is not available by default, so you need to press Alt to turn it on. Now click "Service", then "Folder Options", well, and then everything, as usual. Well, as promised, a few words about Total Commander.

Open access through Total Commander

Run this program and select the item “Configuration” in the top menu, and there select “Settings”.In the left part of the window, find the “Content panel” item, by clicking on which with the left mouse button, in the right panel you will see a list of options. In the upper block, find the item “Display files” and put a check mark there next to “Show hidden / system files”, then click “Apply” and “OK”. That's the whole simple procedure. Just remember that hidden folders and files need to be handled very carefully.

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