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How to Open a Newsstand

Newsstands have been fixtures on street corners of major cities around the world for decades. The popularity of newsstands continues to grow despite the advent of real-time news on the Internet. If you're an avid reader of newspapers and magazines, a newsstand may be an interesting business idea. You'll need money to invest as well as sound entrepreneurial skills to make your newsstand a viable business. Read the following steps to find out how to open a newsstand.


  1. Decide what types of publications you'd like to sell at your newsstand.Most carry at least national and regional newspapers, as well as a variety of mainstream magazines. Others specialize in tabloids, newspapers from around the world or even art magazines.
  2. Determine whether there's a market for that type of newsstand in your area and what the competition is like.Knowing what types of publications your competition carries will help you create a selection of your own.
  3. Draw up a business plan that includes the cost of constructing, buying or renting a newsstand, as well as buying your inventory and necessary equipment.Make sure to calculate your projected income and taxes and to set aside accountant's fees and the costs of permits.
  4. Find the capital to open your newsstand.Although opening a newsstand isn't as much of an investment as opening a bookstore, you'll still need some capital. Discuss your business plan with your bank or private investors to secure a loan.
  5. Obtain the necessary street vendor's license from the city or town and inquire about any other legal requirements you need to meet.
  6. Find a location for your newsstand.Make sure it has plenty of traffic to bring customers to your business.
  7. Investigate which distributors carry the publications you want to sell.Make sure they have a buy-back policy that allows you to return unsold publications.
  8. Interview and hire employees.Make sure your employees are polite, efficient and trustworthy.
  9. Stock your newsstand with publications and other items you want to sell, like post cards, pens or maps of the city.
  10. Open your newsstand.

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    Can I sell art in a newsstand?
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    Yes, you can sell whatever you'd like in your newsstand.
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  • Can a CA resident obtain a NYC newsstand license?
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  • Open early and close late. Even if that means you work long hours, becoming a dependable source of news and publications in the community is key to generating business.
  • Make sure you display your wares in an attractive and accessible manner, as customers are more likely to buy something if they see it right away.

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How to Open a Newsstand
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