How to open a security company

You will need
  • License to carry out security activities
Register with USR and register with IMNS. The license for security business is issued only to those enterprises in which there are specially trained workers. To obtain it, you must have the following: a storage room for weapons, an office for entering into contracts with customers, special means (batons, gas cylinders, handcuffs). Placement under the weapon must be built according to certain instructions. All walls, including the ceiling and floor, must contain reinforcing bars for security from intruders. Armored door, alarm and specially designed place for reloading weapons. After following these recommendations, you can open the securitycompanyand work.
The staff plays an integral part in the continuous operation of the company. It is advisable to open the securitycompanywith qualified management personnel: former employees of special services and internal affairs bodies. Hiring guards must take into account their military skills. They must obtain a license and constantly improve their skills. You can train a future employee in a special training center, the cost of which varies between 1000 r. After training the guard is issued a certificate of carrying weapons. The exam in the licensing department of the ATC gives the right to use weapons. The salary of an unarmed employee is 7-10 thousand rubles. With a weapon, the salary of a guard is 12-17 thousand rubles.
Finding customers is the most difficult task. Not having a client base to open the securitycompanynot profitable. First customers are among friends.

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