How to open ampoules?

To make an injection or extract a cosmetic, you must first open the ampoule. And difficulties may arise already at this stage. To avoid them, learn the important rules of this seemingly simple manipulation.

How to open ampoules?

How to quickly and correctly open a vial of medicine? If the drug is imported, then, most likely, you will be holding a container with a dot or a mark, and this sign is applied in the thinnest part of the glass. That is precisely in this place you need to do breakdown. First, it is better to wipe the ampoule with alcohol, then wrap it with a paper napkin or a disc, and only then break the upper narrow part with one sharp movement. Then you can use the content.

If there are no marks on the ampoule, but a special file intended for opening is included in the kit, then you need to use it. In one hand (preferably in the left, if the right is working), take the container, and the other hand to manage the nail file. Begin to file glass with confident movements.As soon as you see the incision formed during the sawing process, you can open the container. To do this, also use a napkin or cotton pad.

If you are using a serum or other cosmetic product, then there may be no cuts or nail files in the kit. But you can quite do without marks and additional devices, using improvised. So, it is most convenient to use a nail file, but it should be metallic and thin. If there is not one, then take a penknife or a small kitchen knife, but act very carefully so as not to cut yourself. And before the manipulation of any of the objects must be disinfected!

How to store the opened ampoule?

How much can you keep an open ampoule? It all depends on its content. Thus, complex multicomponent drugs are usually not subject to storage, so it is best to choose the appropriate volume and use it completely at a time, as it will hardly be possible to provide tightness and sterility. And some substances are destroyed or change properties and structure when interacting with oxygen.And if you apply non-sterile, expired or modified drug, you can not only negate its effectiveness, but also cause harm to health or even create a threat to life.

If you use a cosmetic or use the drug not for injections, but for other purposes, for example, for ingestion, adding to cosmetics or making face and body masks, then storage is allowed, but it has several rules.

  • First, close the container. To do this, the hole can be sealed with a plaster or tape, but you should not close it with a cotton swab, as the villi can get into the solution, which is undesirable.
  • Secondly, it is best to remove the vial in the fridge, and before use to warm to room temperature.
  • And, thirdly, before storing carefully read the instructions. In any case, do not use the drug after more than three days.

Tip: you can use a syringe for storage, as this container is sealed and sterile inside. Open the ampoule, pour its contents into a syringe and put it in the fridge. It is also better to stick a piece of paper with the date of opening of the container, so as not to exceed the shelf life.


A few recommendations that will help open the vial at home properly and safely:

  1. Calculate your strength and do not squeeze the vial very hard, so as not to accidentally crush it, otherwise fragments will fall inside or cut your hands.
  2. All manipulations are best done with rubber gloves that will protect you from cuts. And if used disposable, they will ensure sterility and prevent the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms from your hands into the preparation.
  3. Before opening the ampoule, shake it or, several times, gently tap the top with your finger to keep the contents of the glass down.
  4. The direction of breakage is important. It is better to open the ampoule in the direction away from you, and not towards yourself.
  5. It is best to open the ampoule, that is, to break off the upper part with a working hand, while the other should firmly hold the container.
  6. To avoid contamination due to accidental splashing of the product, as well as the spread of possible fragments, it is better to keep the ampoule above some kind of container, table or sink, depending on where you are opening.
  7. Before opening, carefully examine the ampoule from all sides to find out if there is a mark on its neck.A dot or a strip may be small and inconspicuous, so it is best to be attentive.
  8. Hold the container securely so that its contents do not accidentally spill over.

Now you can quickly open the ampoule in any conditions and save its contents.

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