How to perform a design project

You will need
  • - requirements and wishes from the customer;
  • - software for performing volumetric modeling.
Specify the requirements that the customer makes to the future project. The design project of a dwelling should take into account the nature of its owner and the individual characteristics of family members. Find out the preferences of the customer regarding the overall style, colors and design features of the interior.
Perform the planning part of the design project. Interior design includes measurements of the object, analysis of the usable area and the allocation of functional areas, the development of several options for planning with the arrangement of equipment and furniture. The planning is completed by the creation of a package of working documentation, which may involve substantial re-planning of the object.
Go to the creation of interior design. This stage of work on the project is also called style.Develop several design options for different areas of the object, taking into account the requirements of the customer and ergonomic indicators. Most likely, you will need to discuss each option in detail with the customer.
After the choice of the final decision, make a detailed study of the sketch of the object and submit it to the customer for approval. The style stage is considered complete if a volumetric modeling of zones and separate rooms has been carried out and a fundamental approach to the interior decoration has been developed.
At the last stage, create detailed working documentation necessary for the implementation of the project. This stage is called technological. It includes floor and ceiling plans, electrical equipment layout and all communications (including water supply, sewage, ventilation and air conditioning). The technological description of the project attached drawings of individual elements of the object, as well as a list of building and finishing materials.
Submit a ready design project for final approval by the customer. Agree on any necessary changes in the layout of the object.If the project meets all the requirements for it, the work can be considered completed.

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