How to pick up a babysitter in 2018

Decide what qualities and skills a future nanny should possess, what schedule of her work interests you and how much you are willing to pay for it. To findbabysitter�You can advertisements, through friends or contact the agency.
Meet each candidate in person and conduct interviews. Try to determine the personal qualities of the person, learn about the experience and recommendations. It is good if the nurse has special skills, for example, knows how to play musical instruments, is engaged in painting or knows a foreign language perfectly. Then she will be able to transfer this knowledge to your child.
Make sure that the person you hire is completely healthy. Ask for fresh information from a psychiatrist, a narcologist, a dermatologist, the results of fluorography, tests for HIV, RT, hepatitis, and worm eggs.
Watch as the child communicates with the nanny. If in a week the baby was not used to a new person, then refuse this candidate. Nanny must be able to provide first aid and ensure the safety of the child.Tell her about the health of your baby, what medications he takes, to which he may be allergic. Such quality for an employee as punctuality, adherence to the daily regimen is important.
Choosebabysitterbased on the age of the child. For newborns, select a specialist with secondary or higher medical education, experience working with infants. The babysitter is responsible for the care of the baby - cooking and feeding, hygiene and bathing, gymnastics and massage, walks. She should also take care of the mental and emotional development of the baby.

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