How to play sports with pleasure

It's all about your thoughts. Remember Professor Pavlov and his experiments with dogs? The dog was served food and turned on a red light, the animal began to salivate. Then, without food, they simply turned on the light bulb and the same effect occurred - saliva was dripping. The dog has formed a reflex to a specific event - the light of a light bulb.

Unfortunately, this experiment is not tied to life. What does the dog have to do with it? The fact is that we also have reflexes. And if in childhood you were taught that sport is something joyless, annoying, not interesting, boring, then your reflexes will remind you of this. That is, when the word "sport" you will have a certain mood or thought.

Now imagine a different picture - childhood, you play with friends in volleyball, football, play boutiques, rezinochku or something else that you had. Happy? And in fact it is not different from sports - the same movement, jumping, running and physical activity.

So what is the basic principle of creating pleasure from any activity and sport including? With any athletic load consciously track the moments when you get satisfaction from classes. In every sport there is a state of pleasure from the movement. Usually this condition appears on the 15-20 minute. And due to the flow of oxygen into the body.

At this point, you need to fix your attention on the pleasure of sensations in the body. Feel it to the maximum. And after each workout, be sure to praise yourself for the work done. And gradually, your brain will get used to catching sensations of pleasure while practicing any vigorous activity. After a month of regular exercise, you will suddenly realize that this mechanism really works by itself. And by the way, this method can be applied not only in sports, but also in many other areas.

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