How to properly bathe in the Russian bath

How to properly bathe in the Russian bath

How to properly bathe in the Russian bath

From the bath, our body receives great pleasure and benefits, but to be aware of how to properly bathe in the bath, it is imperative not to cause more harm than good. These are fairly simple rules that are easily remembered. These rules have been tested over many years by the experience of many people. In addition, do not forget that physicians constantly remind us how to bathe in the bath.


Let's not go deep now, like steaming in a Turkish bath or a Finnish bath. We will miss all the possible exotic bath procedures that are offered in large bath complexes. Let's about our, historically favorite Russian bath. We will advise you how to properly bathe in the Russian bath, what you need to prepare before going to the steam room.


How to steam in a Russian bath



  • Bath is a place that is designed to relax and rest your body and soul.Remember, if you want to spend time in a bath with a noisy company with a drink, we advise you to go straight to the disco or restaurant. Information about what,how not to get drunkhere it is not required. In the bath you need to behave calmly and quietly, and, of course, no alcohol. Such a pastime can lead to the most disastrous consequences, including death. Especially people in old age and with a weak heart, it can not withstand such a load.
  • Before going to the bath last meal should be a few hours, after which you need to walk and relax. If the bath does not serve tea or water, then take them with you. The liquid should be in limited quantities, there is no need to drink water in liters.
How to properly bathe in the Russian bath
  1. In the bath, we need:
  2. Interchangeable underwear
  3. Towel
  4. Slippers
  5. Cap for a bath
  6. Necessary bath accessories
  7. Birch or oak broom


As soon as you get into the bath, do not forget to immediately put a broom in a hot water tub. So it will fill the air with its aromas and will be ready for use. Steam in the bath should be with knowledge, because the traditions of the Russian bath evolved over the centuries.And nominal about them is told in the following video:



  • Immediately undress on the go and fly into the steam room is not necessary. Give yourself and your body time to relax and get used to it, it will not be superfluous to take a relaxing warm shower, after which wipe yourself with a towel. Peeing is not recommended. After that, you can go to the steam room, putting on a pre-felt felt cap that keeps the head at a constant temperature, preventing it from overheating, grab a towel in the steam room, because it's difficult to sit on hot benches
  • Properly soared in the Russian bath at a temperature of 85-90 degrees and humidity of 10%. With a healthy cardiovascular system, you can easily stay in the steam room for 10-15 minutes, here you definitely don’t need to thinkhow not to sweat. Then you can have a break. After the steam room you need to give the body a contrasting load that you most like:
  1. - cold shower
  2. - pool
  3. - snowdrifts


Rest after the steam room you need as much as you spent in it. This is a fairly simple rule that should not be neglected.



  • When the phrase "Russian bath" in the head pictures are born, in which brooms are necessarily present.After the first trip to the steam room, the body will be fully prepared to accept procedures with a broom. If you know. How to bathe in the Russian bath correctly, you probably know that the bathhouse attendant is usually present in the steam room, but if there is no such thing and there is no friend nearby, then you can spit yourself with a broom on the sides and back yourself.


How to properly bathe in the Russian bath

How to bathe in the Russian bath


How to bathe in a bath with a broom? Let it warm up a little, then you should splash a little on the stones in order to “add to the park”. Now begin to lightly pat all parts of the body to which you can reach. You should move the stalls in the upward direction. Watch your well-being to avoid shortness of breath, heart palpitations and dizziness. After this procedure, you need to go out and rest again. After the procedures with a broom, you can either give a contrasting load again, or lie down. You need to go to the bath at least three times, in other matters, if you feel good, then the number of entries can be safely increased, as well as their duration.



And finally, you need to know correctly and how to finish soaring in the Russian bath. Take a shower and give in to the power of rest.Forget about all the problems and hardships, your body should rest with you. Sit down and drink tea with friends, chat with them. Make a hike in the bathhouse with the holiday of the soul and body.

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