How to protect yourself from threats

Alcohol and drugs loosen restrictions that restrain aggressive actions. Therefore, most crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol and drugs. To not expose your lifethreatse, it is important to avoid “drunk” places, and also not to drink with unfamiliar people.
There are incentives that whip up aggression by causing pain, discomfort, or displeasure. For example, such incentives can be high air temperature, unpleasant species, bad smell, and the like. Therefore, to protect yourself fromthreats, one should try to avoid those places and conditions that entail massive aggression. For example, on a hot day, whenever possible, you should refuse to travel in public transport at rush hour. Similarly, it is better not to drive in traffic jams, if you have the opportunity to choose another type of transport. Long “pushing” in traffic jams is often the reason that tired aggressive drivers rush at each other with knives, sticks, tools, beat each other and offenders' cars.
You should not linger and conduct difficult negotiations, disassemble conflict situations where there are attributes of aggression - knives, weapons, heavy objects. The presence of nearby these items can enhance aggressive behavior. For example, in states where weapons are allowed, murders are three times more likely to occur in those houses where weapons are stored. Moreover, in 80% of cases, these households themselves use this weapon against their relatives or acquaintances.
Aggression is very easy to learn. In this regard, television violence is extremely dangerous. Broadcast movies with violence, sports battles, etc. provokes the development of violence and aggression. So that the aggression is not directed at you, you do not need to start solving difficult problems while watching or immediately after watching television with aggression. And best of all, try to put a “ban” on such views at home.

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