How to quarrel with your beloved correctly

1. Avoid insults that demean the dignity of a loved one (you will later regret, and he will remember this insult for life).

2. Never go to the discussion of relatives, especially mothers.

3. Do not compare it with other men.

4. Do not criticize the mental abilities of a man and his success at work.

5. Do not generalize ("You never get anything", "You always throw things around").

6. Instead of “You are doing wrong”, say “I hate it when you do this.”

7. Do not allow to humiliate and insult you. Remember, you are partners, which means you have equal rights in a relationship.

8. If both of you are at the limit and are ready to tell each other too much, then it is better to just leave the room, take a walk outside. So you calm down and let your loved one pull himself together.

If a conflict inevitably becomes ripe in a relationship, consider this a reason for serious conversation and for renewing the relationship. Sit at the negotiating table and calmly discuss the accumulated mutual claims.

Helpful advice:never delay a conflict resolution until later; the sooner you understand each other, the better.

And remember, hushing up the problems is not the best solution, because sooner or later they will return. Two loving people will always be able to agree and find a compromise.

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