How to quickly make peace with her husband?

There is hardly a married couple in whom a quarrel did not occur at least once in their life. Disagreement in opinions and different points of view is a normal phenomenon, and in a dispute, as is well known, truth is born. But it also happens that emotions prevail over the mind, and the situation gets out of control. Then trouble can not be avoided. Bottom line, you are both offended, and everyone expects the other to go to reconciliation first. And this does not happen. What to do?

If the spouse is not right

Even when you know for sure that your guilt is not in a quarrel, and the husband continues to “play in silence,” it may be worth taking a step towards. Here are some tips:

  1. Talk to you. But not immediately after the quarrel. It is better to allow the spouse to cool down, and to cool down a little. Then you can sit at the negotiating table, and calmly discuss what happened. But do not turn the conversation into a continuation of the quarrel. Try to explain to your soulmate that he hurt you, but you are not going to ruin the relationship because of some misunderstanding.
  2. Wait it out.Often a person who has given himself the will to throw out negative emotions, requires a "reset". After a certain time, he realizes that he was wrong and will come to terms. Therefore, perhaps it makes sense to just wait until the storm subsides.

But at this time you also need to prepare for the upcoming conversation - to gather into a fist all your calm, so as not to be too categorical.

If you are wrong

In a situation where, after a quarrel, you realized that the blame for it lies with you, you need to give yourself time to calm down, and then begin to act. After all, the situation when both spouses in one apartment are demonstratively turned away from each other quickly bored. With what to begin?

  • To apologize It is unlikely that an accidental “forgive” or an SMS sent with such a text will help smooth out the blame, so the heart-to-heart conversation will save you again. Your task is to show your loved one that you really regret what was said, and you want to return everything to its place.

But do not beg the man to forgive you, and go after him all day. If he did not immediately agree to go for reconciliation, perhaps he needs a little time to think things over.

  • Surprise.The effect of it will only be if your loved one has no habit of long offended. The easiest and most effective option - a romantic dinner. Write him a letter and invite him to a date, indicating the time and place. A pleasant conversation, sincere apologies and a pleasant continuation of the evening with my husband will do their work.
  • Distract. If the husband has the ability to "sulk" for a long time, then you can go for a trick. Invite your parents to a spouse or close friends, for a casual conversation in a pleasant company make it easier. This, of course, is not the fairest solution to the problem, but when the spouse refuses to listen to your explanations, one of the most optimal.

Quarrels are always unpleasant, but avoiding them can be very difficult. The main rule that is worth remembering, going to reconciliation - is not to delay the frank conversation. How not cool, and apologies still have a "shelf life."

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